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Heavy Duty Nutrient Heaters

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Target nutrient temperature: 18oC – 21oC

Keep your nutrient solution warm during winter with a Heavy Duty Nutrient Heater. It’s just what you need.

There’s no risk of breaking or cracking yours – these heaters are completely shatterproof & shockproof. You can even turn them on out of water. For a glass heater, that’s incredible.

You can secure them to your tank via their handy little suction cups and they will not move.

There’s no manual work involved - everything’s done for you! Your heater always knows if and when to warm your feed – they have an inbuilt thermostat!

Just set your target temperature once and your heater does the rest. It’s that easy. If using an NFT system where roots are exposed, they’re an absolute must!

• Tubular glass heater
Shatterproof & Shockproof
No risk of breaking or cracking
Inbuilt thermostat (incredibly accurate!)
Suction cups for securing to tanks
• A must in an NFT system
3 sizes available

Which heater do you need?

You need 1W per Litre of nutrient - e.g. if you have a 150L tank, you need a 150W nutrient heater.

You can overspec and use more than one heater if you need to...e.g. If you had a 400L tank, you would need a 300W heater and 150W heater

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