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Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

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125 Watt Blue CFL Code: 1587
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125 Watt Red CFL Code: 1588
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Market-leading fluorescent lamps found to be very effective at raising cutting/seedlings and developing young plants. Also sometimes used as supplementary lighting during the main stages of the plant life cycle. Maximum coverage area: 80cm x 80cm

• Blue and red spectrums available for vegetative growth and flowering respectively
• Energy efficient and cheaper to run than high intensity lights
• Minimal heat output
• No separate ballast required – run directly through a mains plug
• Screw into a standard E40 fitting (normal grow light lampholder)


125 Watt Blue CFL Lamp - 6400 Kelvin

125 Watt Red CFL Lamp - 2700 Kelvin

As useful additions, we offer a standard CFL Lead and Lampholder (an E40 lampholder attached to a mains cord - no reflector) and the CFL Reflector (a version of the BAY6 Reflector that includes a mains lead and E40 lampholder). If you simply want to use CFL lamps as a supplementary light source, then the CFL Lead & Lampholder is a good choice, whilst either our CFL BAY6 Reflector or Sun Mate Grow CFL Reflector are better options if these lamps are to be used as the primary light source.

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