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CFL Lead & Lampholder

CFL Lead & Lampholder

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CFL Lead & Lampholder

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125 Watt Blue CFL complete with CFL Lead & Lampholder

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125 Watt Red CFL complete with CFL Lead & Lampholder

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The CFL Lead & Lampholder consists of an E40 lampholder attached to a mains cord - no reflector is included. It is ideal when using CFL lights like the Eco-Light as a supplementary grow light because you are able to hang the lamp vertically in-between your plants. The CFL Lead & Lampholder can also be used to suspend a CFL above plants as a main growing light, but we would strongly recommend using a suitable reflector (the LUMii EnviroGro CFL Reflector or BAY6 CFL Reflector for example) if this is your intention.

For your convenience we have created two kits based around the CFL Lead & Lampholder. These give you the choice of having it supplied with either a blue or red spectrum Eco-Light.


125 Watt Blue CFL Lamp - 6400 Kelvin

125 Watt Red CFL Lamp - 2700 Kelvin

Q & A

Questions and Answers (7)

Will standard CFL screw in bulbs fit this power lead as I want to buy coloured CFL bulbs and hang them from my grow tent for different spectrums ?
The CFL Lead & Lampholder has an E40 lamp fitting, this will not accomodate standard household lamps.

Written by Deano | 20 Jul 2014

Hey, can you use HPS/MH bulbs with this fitting?
You can’t use this reflector for HPS/MH bulbs, you would need to run these using a ballast & reflector. All of our Proxima, Hobby, & Exolux systems will run both HPS & MH bulbs, the bulb needs to be of the same power rating as the ballast.

Written by Charlie | 2 Nov 2012

is this screw or bayonet fitting?
This is a standard E40 grow lamp screw fitting.

Written by simon | 28 Oct 2012