CFL Lead & Lampholder

CFL Lead & Lampholder

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CFL Lead & Lampholder

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125 Watt Blue CFL complete with CFL Lead & Lampholder

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125 Watt Red CFL complete with CFL Lead & Lampholder

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The CFL Lead & Lampholder consists of an E40 lampholder attached to a mains cord - no reflector is included. It is ideal when using CFL lights like the Eco-Light as a supplementary grow light because you are able to hang the lamp vertically in-between your plants. The CFL Lead & Lampholder can also be used to suspend a CFL above plants as a main growing light, but we would strongly recommend using a suitable reflector (the SunMate CFL Reflector or BAY6 CFL Reflector for example) if this is your intention.

For your convenience we have created two kits based around the CFL Lead & Lampholder. These give you the choice of having it supplied with either a blue or red spectrum Eco-Light.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (7)

Will standard CFL screw in bulbs fit this power lead as I want to buy coloured CFL bulbs and hang them from my grow tent for different spectrums ?
The CFL Lead & Lampholder has an E40 lamp fitting, this will not accomodate standard household lamps.

Written by Deano | 20 Jul 2014

Hey, can you use HPS/MH bulbs with this fitting?
You can’t use this reflector for HPS/MH bulbs, you would need to run these using a ballast & reflector. All of our Proxima, Hobby, & Exolux systems will run both HPS & MH bulbs, the bulb needs to be of the same power rating as the ballast.

Written by Charlie | 2 Nov 2012

is this screw or bayonet fitting?
This is a standard E40 grow lamp screw fitting.

Written by simon | 28 Oct 2012