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BAY6 Euro CFL Lighting System

BAY6 Euro CFL Lighting System

from £39.95

125 Watt Blue CFL complete with BAY6 Euro CFL Reflector

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125 Watt Red CFL complete with BAY6 Euro CFL Reflector

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This is an adapted version of the popular BAY6 Euro Reflector that suits CFL lamps.

• Classic, tried and tested design
• Includes a mains lead and an E40 lampholder
• Strengthened parts to cope with heavier CFL lamps

Bodging a HID reflector to accept a CFL lamp will not typically produce good results and can even be quite dangerous – avoid doing so at
all costs.

Approx dimensions:  47cm x 40cm x 15cm ( L x W x H)


125 Watt Blue CFL Lamp - 6400 Kelvin

125 Watt Red CFL Lamp - 2700 Kelvin

Q & A

Questions and Answers (10)

is the cfl reflector self ballast
The CFL reflector is plugged directly into the mains, the CFL bulbs have a ballast built in. We would strongly advise against using any bulb other than a CFL in this reflector.

Written by rome | 6 Jan 2013

Ideally id like to hang my lights as i will be needing to adjust their height frequently. Can I hang this reflector or must it be fixed?
It is possible to hang this reflector using Exolux Ezi-Roll Light Hangers. You can then adjust the height of your reflector simply by pulling it up or down.

Written by MK | 22 Oct 2012

Can Sunmaster Lamps be used with this Reflector?
That depends which "Sunmaster" you mean!! This reflector is suitable for all CFL lamps - one brand of which is called a Sunmaster CFL lamp. It is NOT however suitable for use with HID sunmaster lamps which require a ballast.

Written by Bill | 31 Aug 2012