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Aeroponic Propagators

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Aeroponic Propagators Slashes the Time it Takes to Root Cuttings

Speed through rooting and early growth! All you need is an Aeroponic Propagator.

  • Huge roots in record time
  • Increase cutting success rate
  • Ready plants for hydro system or pots

What Is It?

Cuttings are placed straight into the propagator - with no rockwool blocks or cubes!

Your plants are fed with a fine nutrient and water spray.

As they grow, bare roots are exposed - nutrients go straight to the roots. Your plants will absorb far more nutrients - you'll see surges in growth!

Expect rapid rooting, too! Root growth is unrestricted by growing media and roots get a constant supply of oxygen.

Ramp Up Rooting

Rooting is unrestricted by media. You'll get huge roots in just 10 days.

Speeds Up Nutrient Uptake

Bare plant roots are exposed so nutrients reach them faster.

Cutting Success Rates Skyrocket

By enhancing growth, boosting root mass and improving nutrient uptake you're making your cuttings and seedlings far more likely to survive and thrive.

Transplant Into Any System

Get cuttings ready for pots or hydro systems.

Collars And Net Pots Included

If using rockwool, use the net pots. Otherwise, you use the clone collars on their own, or with net pots

The Tech

  • 20 Plant system: 45cm (long) x 38cm (wide) x 39cm (high)
  • 40 plant system: 60cm (long) x 41cm (wide) x 38.5cm (high)
  • 120 Plants: 116cm (long) x 65cm (wide) x 50cm (high)

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Questions & Answers

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  • would you use a rooting gel like clonex or would it just wash away

    We would advise using Clonex in this system, along with Rhizotonic, & either a dedicated cutting & seedling feed, such as Vita Link Plant Start, or a standard grow nutrient at one quarter strength.

  • hi what nutrients would i use in the aeroponic propagator thanks

    You could either use a dedicated cutting & seedling feed, such as Vita Link Plant Start, Formulex, or Canna Start. Alternatively, you could use any hydroponic grow nutrient at one quarter strength.

  • i have a 12 site heated aeroponic propagator! is these any way i could turn it in to a heated one

    You would need to buy a 50W nutrient heater to do this, they are thermostatically controlled, we would recommend setting the temperature between 18 - 21 C

  • How often should the feed pump be on in a 20 pot propagator.??

    If you are using rockwool cubes, you would run the pump for 15 minutes twice a day, if you were using the neoprene discs, with bare roots from the cuttings, you would run the pump constantly.

  • i have a 12 pot is there a way i can convert it to a 20 or is a new system gotta be bought

    You would be able to do this with a 20 site correx, & additional net pots. The Correx costs £3.25.

  • is it possible to germinate seeds in my aeroponic heated propagator and if so what would be the optimum temp, PH,etc,and what would be best to soak rockwool cubes in. May i add that your aeroponic propagator is the best method i have seen for cloning, producing roots at 8/9 days.Thank you,W.C.

    You could use an aeroponic propagator to start from seed, we would recommend only running the pump for a couple of minutes every 2-3 days to prevent the cube from drying out. As soon as the seed shells are discarded by the plant, we would advise removing the lid of the propagator, the seedlings can then be left to develop a good root system. The best pH range is between 5.5 - 6.3, temperature 21C. We would recommend soaking the starter cubes in either a 1/4 strength solution of grow nutrient, or using a specific young plant feed, such as Vita Link Plant Start.

  • can i put seedlings straight into this propagator and how is best just so i know cause at the moment im killing loads of plants.

    You can put cuttings or seedlings straight into this propagator, using either the Aeroponic Clone collar, or a rockwool cutting cube. If you are using cuttings, you will get much better results if you dip them in Clonex for a few seconds as soon as the cutting has been taken, then use a couple of drops of Superthrive in your nutrient solution. If you are not using a specific young plant food, such as Vita Link Plant Start, or Plagron Start Up, you should use normal grow nutrient at a quarter strength.

  • Hi, is a 125w or 250w CFL ok to use with the 36 plant aeroponic heated propagator? - what height should I have the light above it? - I will be using a single lamp Powerplant reflector with it. Thanks.

    The 125W Eco light will be fine for a 36 plant aeroponic propagator, we would recommend having the light approximately 80cm away from the propagator.

  • What size nutrient heater do I need for a 12 plant aeroponic propogator?

    A 50 Watt nutrient heater would be sufficient for this propagator. The ideal temperature for the nutrient in this system is between 19 - 22 Celsius.