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Veg+Bloom - Stax

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Combined Cal-Mag, Wetting Agent and Drip Cleaner

Stacks, formerly known as Stackswell, is a unique concoction blending humic acids, calcium, sugars, and magnesium into a single powder. Hydroponic Research nutrients, tailored for large-scale growers chasing marginal gains, are meticulously crafted powders engineered to maximize plant yield. The exceptional feedback from customers underscores their effectiveness.

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium, indispensable for plant health, participates in crucial physiological processes like cell wall formation, division, and enzyme activation. Its deficiency can stunt growth and trigger issues such as blossom end rot in crops like tomatoes and peppers.

Magnesium, another vital macronutrient, fuels photosynthesis, chlorophyll production, and ATP synthesis—the cellular energy currency. Its scarcity manifests as leaf yellowing (chlorosis), potentially leading to plant demise.

Humic Acid

Derived from organic matter decomposition, humic acid is a blend of organic acids. It enriches soil properties, enhancing water and nutrient retention, drainage, and reducing compaction. It fosters microbial activity, facilitating nutrient release from organic matter. Acting as a chelator, it converts nutrients into accessible forms.


Synergizing with the aforementioned components, sugars elevate photosynthesis rates and nutrient absorption. They serve as energy sources for plants and beneficial soil microbes, amplifying overall plant health.

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