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Telos 10 Pro Mesh Upgrade Kit

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SKU: 181630
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Telos 10 Pro Mesh Upgrade Kit

Got a Telos LED and want to convert it to a Mesh model? You’re in luck – there’s an upgrade kit for just the job! And after a quick bit of swapping out and subbing in, you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of onboard Bluetooth technology that enables you to create a super secure and ultra precise wireless network for controlling one or more light via a slick smartphone app! Reassuringly, each kit includes all of the items you need to complete the process - even the special Hex screwdriver!

Reasons for making the move to Mesh include the following:

  • Wirelessly connect and control 1000's of Telos Mesh units
  • Create a network of lights and link it to your phone via an app
  • All commands are securely sent with end-to-end encryption
  • Once connected to a device, the tech will cease to broadcast
  • Your setup is invisible to anyone else looking for a Bluetooth network
  • Select the exact ppf output for your lights instead of fixed wattage increments
  • Schedule on/off periods without using a timer and contactor
  • Enable sunrise/sunset mode to gradually switch on/off and off/on
  • Group multiple grow lights together and establish specific group settings
  • A Mesh network can run lights for propagation, veg, flowering, etc.
  • Also possible to manually control a system without using the app
  • Fully waterproof drivers designed for horticultural applications

As you can see from the comprehensive list above, Mesh offers growers an awful lot! We believe this is clearly the shape of things to come in the future, and typically Telos lead the charge.

Wirelessly connect and control 1000's of Telos 10 Pro Mesh units

Say goodbye to the faff and frustration of connecting up your lights with countless numbers of cables! Never again will you need to lament the length of one that doesn't quite reach the intended unit, or realise that there are not enough to complete your setup! With Telos Mesh, it's all so very simple. Plug in your light(s), hit the power and sync the equipment to a suitable smartphone (any modern device running a recent version of iOS or Android).

Create a network of lights and link it to your phone via an app

Turn your phone into a lighting controller! With the specially developed app, you can manage Telos Mesh totalling 1, 2, 3, 4 or more - right up to one, two, three, four or more thousand! When in range of the network, it takes such little effort to monitor and adjust the overall output, you'll feel like your cheating!

Relax knowing that your commands are encrypted and the network is invisible to others

Security is at the core of the Telos Mesh system! All commands are sent with end-to-end encryption, meaning there's no danger of them being intercepted or changed. The technology will cease to broadcast after being connected to a device and becomes invisible to anyone searching for a Bluetooth network. Clearly you're in safe hands using Telos Mesh!

Select the exact PPF output for your lights instead of fixed wattage increments

Unlike traditional controllers that use a fixed wattage increment for dimming light output, the Mesh technology provides absolute control over your Telos LED. With "Precise PPF" you can select a very specific and desired PPF output to suit any stage of the plant life cycle. Impressive!

Group multiple lights together and establish specific group settings

You can group multiple Telos LED grow lights together through the app, establishing different sets of instructions for each one - all within a single Mesh network! Want separate on/off schedules for rooms/tents with plants in the propagation, veg growth and flowering stages? No problem! This is remarkably easy to configure, yet so incredibly helpful for most growers.

Schedule on/off periods without using a timer and contactor

The app enables you to create a schedule for turning your Telos LED's on and off throughout the day - without requiring a separate timer and contactor! If you suddenly realise a slight tweak is needed to the lighting cycle, you can effortlessly adjust it from your phone. How convenient!

Enable sunrise / sunset mode to gradually switch lights on / off and off / on

Another great feature of the app is the optional sunrise / sunset mode, which will help your plants cope with the transition from the dark to light period and from the light to dark period (when sudden temperature changes can occur and cause issues - though this is not typically linked to LED's). When activiated, gradual increases and decreases in light output prevent any problems from arising, like bud rot.

Fully waterproof drivers designed for horticultural applications

Telos Mesh LED Grow Lights showcase the next generation of LED drivers, that have been designed and engineered by the manufacturer. They are the world's first Bluetooth Mesh integrated waterproof drivers for horticultural applications and provide revolutionary new functionality for growers.

What is the Telos Mesh?

What is included in a kit?

Everything you need to turn your Telos LED Grow Light into a Mesh model comes with one of these kits. Here is a list of the components:

  • 300W Mesh-integrated waterproof driver
  • High quality IP66 rated connectors
  • 4mm Hex Screwdriver
  • Instructions

Upgrading your light is very easy to do and will only take a matter of minutes!

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