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Telos 10 Pro Mesh LED Grow Lights

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Control Your Telos Mesh LED Grow Lights From a Smartphone App

At a glance, here are 10 reasons to get excited about this game-changing LED lighting:

  • High PAR output - 2.5μmol per Watt
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology lets you set up a super secure and ultra precise wireless network to control your light(s) via a smartphone app (Mesh model only)
  • Utilises cutting edge Osram LED diodes
  • Significantly cooler - at least 10oC - ideal for the summer
  • Impressive efficiency - low power, heat and running costs
  • Effective for 85,000 hours (up to 10 years)
  • Unique holographic optics for even light intensity and coverage
  • Future-proof product with upgradable/replaceable LED modules
  • Quiet, passive cooling with no fan
  • Designed and constructed in the UK using high quality, reliable and robust components

Telos LED Grow Lights are not supplied with hanging equipment – we recommend using Exolux Pro Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Hangers.

What Is Telos Mesh?

Mesmerising Light, Maximising Yields

Built in the UK to strict quality standards, the hugely popular flagship 0010 model has been radically enhanced to produce a jaw-dropping 2.5μmol per Watt and a sensational PPF of 694.4 – an astonishing set of readings that promises to send your yields through the roof!

Built-In Bluetooth Technology For Secure And Precise Wireless Control (Mesh Model Only)

Rather than relying on a separate physical device to manage your lights, you can create a super secure and ultra precise wireless network with the Mesh model that harnesses the latest Bluetooth technology, and then manage it through a hugely convenient smartphone app. This is the shape of things to come in the future, and typically Telos lead the charge. Check out the above video and scroll down to the "Introducing Telos Mesh" section for more details.

Industry Leading LED Modules

The huge leap forwards in terms of light intensity is due to the brand-spanking new Osram LED’s, which are at the very cutting edge of technology. Telos simply never stand still.

On top of the extra-blinding brightness, the system now runs significantly cooler – by at least 10oC. A wider beam angle, which is closer to 100 degrees, gives you a wider coverage at the same height. And a slight tweak to the spectrum improves visibility in the grow room. Cosmetically speaking, you’ll also notice a refreshed and cleaner design with clear optic gaskets and modern branding elements.

Start-To-Finish LED Lighting

The Telos 10 Pro is full spectrum for use throughout the entire plant life cycle and boasts a remarkable colour rendering index of 85CRI – leading to better quality fruits and flowers than HPS lights. It suits the most common sized areas used by growers, comfortably covering 100cm x 100cm and stretching up to 120cm x 120cm.

Low Energy Consumption, Low Heat Production

At only 285W (standard Slimline model) / 300W (Mesh model), the highly efficient unit will help you keep your electricity costs and heat output to a minimum – the latter of which makes it an absolute godsend in the summer! And any heat the Telos 10 Pro does produce is via convection (i.e. it rises up), which happens to be much easier to remove with your fan(s) than the radiant heat produced by HPS lights (directed down and over plants).

Long-Lasting Performance, High Quality Components

The Telos 10 Pro remains incredibly effective at driving on plant growth for an astonishing 85,000 hours, or almost 10 years! This is due to proven and reliable components, such as the Meanwell Driver, that have been carefully researched and sourced before all being assembled and tested together in the UK. The whole unit has been rated IP66 waterproof and dustproof, and it includes a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you extra peace of mind that a hot and humid grow room won’t cause any issues.

Complete Crop Uniformity Guaranteed

The holographic optics onboard a Telos 10 Pro create an even light spread with far fewer hot spots, so all of your plants get exactly what they need and grow at the same rate.

Quiet, Passive Cooling

To prolong its life and keep the unit quiet, there’s no noisy or temperamental fan. The Telos 10 Pro cools passively! Heat escapes upwards via a large heat sink.

Easy To Upgrade

With 10x 28.5W light modules (standard Slimline model) / 10x 30W light modules (Mesh model), it’s really easy to replace or upgrade any of the individual LED lights on the Telos 10 Pro to ensure that your high performance levels never drop.

Easy To Link

You can physically connect up to 6x Telos 10 Pro’s and run them through a single power point using a H-Connector and a Link Cable (one cable required for every additional light). Or pick the Mesh option and wirelessly link 1000s of units using the latest, super secure Bluetooth technology and your smartphone.

Introducing Telos Mesh

Reasons for making the move to Mesh include the following:

  • Wirelessly connect and control 1000's of Telos Mesh units
  • Create a network of lights and link it to your phone via an app
  • All commands are securely sent with end-to-end encryption
  • Once connected to a device, the tech will cease to broadcast
  • Your setup is invisible to anyone else looking for a Bluetooth network
  • Select the exact ppf output for your lights instead of fixed wattage increments
  • Schedule on/off periods without using a timer and contactor
  • Enable sunrise/sunset mode to gradually switch on/off and off/on
  • Group multiple grow lights together and establish specific group settings
  • A Mesh network can run lights for propagation, veg, flowering, etc.
  • Also possible to manually control a system without using the app
  • Fully waterproof drivers designed for hoticultural applications

As you can see from the comprehensive list above, Mesh offers growers an awful lot!

How Was Telos Mesh Developed?

Performance Matters

How Are Telos LEDs Built?

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  • What are the dimensions of this unit please? Ideally looking for something about 60cm x 40cm. Thanks.

    Telos 10 Pro LED Grow Light - 28t Watt Dimensions:- Length: 47.5cms - Width: 24.9cms - Height: 16cms.