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Straight Air Stone

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Straight Air Stone

Maintain optimal oxygen levels in your nutrient solution with a straight air stone, perfect for the bottom of small, medium, and large reservoirs.

How the Air Stone Straight Works

Straight air stones, made of porous stone, come in three sizes tailored for various reservoir capacities:

  • 6-inch: Ideal for small reservoirs
  • 8-inch: Suitable for medium to large reservoirs
  • 12-inch: Best for large to extra-large reservoirs

Each air stone features an inlet nodule at one end, allowing connection to an air pump via an air line. When connected, air is forced through the stone’s many pores, creating numerous small bubbles when submerged in water or nutrient solution.

These bubbles promote movement in the liquid, ensuring it remains well-mixed and highly oxygenated. The surface agitation significantly increases dissolved oxygen levels, preventing anaerobic microbes that cause root diseases and supporting beneficial aerobic microbes. The added oxygen is crucial for healthy root development and absorption, enhancing plant growth and creating a robust root system.

Adding an air stone to your reservoir is highly recommended for all hydroponic systems, as it promotes faster plant growth and healthier roots.

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