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SpinPro Personal Trimmer

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SKU: 100067
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SpinPro Personal Trimmer

Save time and trim efficiently: the SpinPro removes unwanted leaves and roots 20 times faster than scissors. Use manually or upgrade parts to convert it into a drill-powered trimmer.

The SpinPro is a smart and effortless solution to plant trimming and can be used in the production of essential oils, pot pourris, and herb butters.

  • Easy-to-use manual plant trimmer;
  • Removes excess leaves and roots;
  • Trims 20x faster than scissors;
  • Fast, gentle, and precise;
  • Wet use only;
  • Can be upgraded to drill-powered with extra parts (not included);
  • Dishwasher-safe lid and collection bowl.

Gentle and precise

Instead of blades, the appliance uses razor-thin wires for ultimate precision. These make for a finer, cleaner cut than thicker trimmers and prevent hacking or other damage to your plants inside.

Choose from the “dual” or “quad” wires included to best suit your preferences.

20x faster than scissors

The SpinPro holds approximately 55g of wet plant material and, at full capacity, can trim in about a minute. Not only do you profit in time and potential cost, but it’s a safer long-term solution. Trimming with a machine prevents strain on hands, fingers, and wrists, and helps to avoid issues like carpal tunnel syndrome over time.

Easy to clean

One bonus of the SpinPro is that it’s almost no effort to clean and maintain. Both the top and bottom of the trimmer can be put in the dishwasher. These parts are made from high quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone, so they can safely be cleaned in this way.

Please note: the middle grate is not dishwasher-safe. We recommend that it is wiped down with a clean cloth after every use to prevent rusting and buildup of plant residue.

How to use SpinPro Personal Trimmer?

This trimmer comprises of only three parts and is one of the simplest solutions to plant trimming around. To use, place the middle grate over the bottom collection bowl. Place the plants you wish to trim on top of the grate. The SpinPro is designed for wet use only and can hold up to 55g of plants and flowers.

Next, put on the lid and rotate the handle to begin trimming. Turn at least 15 times for best results. The trimmings will be collected in the bottom bowl and ready for use.

Take extreme caution when handling the appliance. When in use, keep the lid on and do not touch the trimming wires under any circumstances. These are designed for precision and can cause serious injury in contact with the body.

The trimmer comes with the “dual” wire built in; if desired, swap for the “quad” wire (included).

Why choose SpinPro Personal Trimmer?

The SpinPro saves time and effort when it comes to trimming plants, but treats them just as carefully as you would. It uses rubber fingers to gently handle plant material; these are made from food-grade silicone and can be moved within the appliance lid for additional control. The appliance is easy to assemble and can be stored away when not in use.

Not only that, it’s gentle on you: the SpinPro removes the strain that comes with trimmingBr by hand. Reduce the risk of damage over time and avoid conditions like repetitive strain injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome.


406mm x 406mm x 203mm

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