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SMSCom 6.5-Amp Plug-In Smart Fan Speed Controller

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SKU: 90999
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SMSCom Plug-in Smart Fan Speed Controller

The SMSCom Plug-in Smart Fan Speed Controller is a high-quality device designed to easily adjust the speed of your intake or outlet duct fan with a simple turn of the knob. It is available as a basic unit or with an optional temperature sensor. Without the temperature sensor, it functions as a manual fan speed controller offering 60 different speed settings. With the temperature sensor, it operates independently, maintaining user-defined parameters and ensuring an optimal environment for your plants by automatically adjusting the fan speed.

Note: Digital fan speed controllers like this one are cost-effective but may produce a humming sound due to 'pulse width modulation' used to regulate fan speed. For silent operation, we recommend the SMSCom Hybrid Fan Speed Controllers, which use heavyweight transformers.

Important: This controller is not designed for use with Isomax fans. For those, consider the Control Freak.

How the SMSCom Plug-in Smart Fan Speed Controller Works

The SMSCom Plug-in Smart Fan Speed Controller allows precise control over the speed of your in-line duct fan. Simply plug the unit into a mains outlet and connect your extraction fan to the front socket. The front control lets you manually adjust the fan speed, thus controlling the extraction rate.

  • Summer Use: A higher extraction rate helps reduce temperature and humidity.
  • Winter Use: Reducing the fan speed prevents excessive cooling of your grow space while minimizing fan and duct noise.

The optional temperature sensor plugs into the jack socket on the top of the unit. This allows you to set a minimum constant fan speed, while a second control sets a maximum temperature. When the grow space temperature exceeds this maximum, the fan speed increases to full until the temperature drops to the desired level.

The SMSCom Plug-in Fan Speed Controller can manage fans with a maximum power consumption of 1500 Watts (6.5 Amps).

  • SMSCom – Very reliable and great value-for-money
  • Plugs straight into a mains socket
  • Wide adjustment fan-speed control
  • Upgradeable with the addition of the plug-in SMSCom thermostat
  • Can supply up to 1500 Watts (6.5 Amps)

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