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Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin

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Rhino Skin Toughens Up Plants

Protect and fortify your valuable plants with Rhino Skin, a potassium silicate biostimulant designed to enhance their strength and resilience.

  • Reduces water loss
  • Strengthens up plant structures
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Improves nutrient uptake
  • Used at 1 - 4ml per litre
  • Teams up nicely with the rest of the Advanced Nutrients range

Optimised for high-value crops, this revolutionary product offers the most soluble and bioavailable forms of naturally thick and solid potassium silicate.

By incorporating Rhino Skin into your cultivation, you provide your plants with a next-generation silicate that significantly increases stalk rigidity. This robust foundation ensures they can withstand the weight of heavy flowers, preventing potential damage and supporting a successful bloom phase.

Rhino Skin® goes beyond strengthening plants. It acts as a safeguard, boosting their resilience against challenging environmental conditions. This fortified defense helps your crops thrive, even in adverse situations.

With optimal ratios of potassium to silica, Rhino Skin minimizes the risk of contamination, ensuring your plants receive the essential nutrients they need without compromising their overall health and quality.

By utilizing RhinoSkin, you empower your plants to reach their full potential, supporting an explosive bloom phase and yielding impressive results. Invest in the strength and vitality of your high-value crops with this advanced potassium silicate biostimulant.

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Cutting/Seedling: N/A
Vegetative Stage: 1 - 4mls
Flowering Stage: N/A

NPK ratio: 0 - 0 - 0.4

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