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Pythoff Reservoir Tank Sterilising Agent

For a full spectrum sterilising agent - use Pythoff.

It has a unique formulation that dissolves into your nutrient solution and stays active for longer than standard.

It sterilises all surfaces -including tanks, pumps, drip lines, media - the lot. It's great for preventing and treating Pythium that could devastate your crop.

  • Unique sterilising agent
  • Sterilises your system and nutrient solution
  • Eliminates harmful pathogens
  • Prevents and treats Pythium
  • Long-lasting - the only one that beats it is Silver Bullet Roots

Feeding Info

Vegetative Stage
Flowering Stage

Note: Do not use with any beneficial bacteria or fungi based products.

Swap To Silver Bullet Roots

For best results, swap to Silver Bullet Roots. It's like Oxy-Plus 11.9% but has silver ions! These silver ions:

  • Break down the protective barrier of bacteria
  • Make the hydrogen peroxide molecules more effective
  • Keep the H2O2 molecules active in tanks for up to 5 weeks!

Silver Bullet's so good that you hardly ever have to dose, and when you do, dose rates are stupidly low - by switching to Silver Bullet you'll save 55%!

Cost Breakdown: Silver Bullet Vs. Oxy-Plus 11.9%

Cost Breakdown: Silver Bullet Vs. Oxy-Plus 11.9%Cost Breakdown: Silver Bullet Vs. Oxy-Plus 11.9%

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Test ResultsTest Results

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  • can i use this in a wilma kit to prevent root rot as my wilma kit is converted to allow the roots to grow down into the reservoir. i have air stones in their but will this help further?

    The Pythoff can be used as a preventative measure in this kind of system. It is used at 1ml per 10 litres of nutrient solution.

  • hi growell.what dosage of pythoff would you recomend when using the single oxy pot.cheers

    You would dilute Pythoff at 1ml per 5 litres of solution.