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Plagron Bat Guano

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A Blend of Bat Guano and Seabird Guano

Guano is one of the richest organic fertilisers you can lay your hands on, which is why it's been treasured by growers for thousands of years.

It's loaded with macronutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as secondary macronutrients and a broad spectrum of micronutrients. This facilitates vibrant, healthy growth.

Plagron Guano is particularly rich in phosphorus, which plays a vital role in root development. Stronger roots allow plants to use other nutrients more effectively, which promotes healthy growth in the top half of the plant. With a well-developed root system, plants are better equipped to withstand environmental stresses such as drought.

Guano consists of accumulated and decomposed droppings from bats or seabirds. Plagron Guano includes a mixture of both seabird manure and bat manure, giving it a broad spectrum of nutrients.

Guano is generally used as a soil additive, though it can also have a positive impact with other types of growing media, like coco coir.

  • Promotes healthy growth and the development of strong roots

  • Enhances flavours and aromas of crops

  • Improves plant growth during both the vegetative and flowering stages

  • Increases microbial activity in the soil

  • Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

  • Fully organic and suitable for organic farming (CU certified)

How to Use Plagron Bat Guano

Outside: top-dress with 200g of bat guano per square metre
Potting soil: mix 10g of guano with each litre of potting soil

Guano is a slow release fertiliser that gets broken down over long periods of time, so it won't burn your plants if used within the recommended guidelines. Just be sure not to overdo it because overfeeding with powdered additives can be very difficult to correct.


Bat manure, seabird guano, vinasse extract
NPK fertiliser with an NPK ratio of 3-15-4

Tips from Plagron

  • Bat Guano is ideal for revitalising depleted and exhausted soil.

  • Be sure to water the soil after top dressing, for extra fast results.


Can I use Bat Guano and Mega Worm to upgrade my soil?

Yes, Bat Guano is ideal for increasing the nutrient content of depleted soil. It teams up nicely with Mega Worm, which complements the NPK ratio and stimulates microbial activity, for larger colonies of bacteria and fungi.

How much Bat Guano do I need if I want to use it outside for topdressing?

This depends on many factors, such as plant health, size and species as well as environmental factors. As a rough guide, the team at Plagron recommend '20 kg of Bat Guano per 100 m2', which translates to 200g per square metre.

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