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Philips Greenpower 240V 600 Watt Lamps

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600 Watt HPS Grow Lamp

One of the most efficient and effective light sources available to indoor gardeners, the Greenpower Lamp from Philips has a fine reputation for cultivating tremendous crops both in terms of quality and quantity! As you would expect from a premium standard full spectrum bulb, the light that is generated by this exceptional product triggers phenomenal growth in all your plants over both vegetative and flowering stages. On close inspection the advanced technology and robust design employed by a Philips Greenpower Lamp also gives you distinct benefits of increased reliability and longer lasting output at the optimum level. In other words, you have to change it far less frequently than alternative options! We recommend replacing this lamp every 6-9 months.

This lamp is suitable for all of our standard 240v ballasts such as the Exolux Pro 600 Watt, Proxima 600 Watt, Lumatek 600 Watt and Hobby 600 Watt.

It is not suitable for 400v ballasts such as the Dimlux 600 Watt, E-Papillon 600 Watt and Gavita 600 Watt. For these models you will need the 400v 600 Watt Philips Greenpower Lamp.

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  • can u use a sunmaster magnetic ballast 600w for the son t plus and for the greenpower bulbs

    Both the Sunmaster & Greenpower lamps will work with 600W magnetic ballasts, the bulb & ballast power ratings must always be the same.

  • Would the Phillips Green Power lamp be compatible with a large Adjusta-Wing reflector? Thanks

    The Greenpower bulb will work with any 600W ballast & reflector with a standard E40 lampholder.

  • Can you tell me what the difference is between the Phillips Greenpower bulb and the Phillips Son-T PIA Plus sodium bulb please? Does the Greenpower have a broader spectrum? Also, are both of these bulbs safe to use with lumatek digital electronic ballasts?

    the Greenpower is a dual spectrum bulb, that will perform well throughout the course of your crop, whereas the Son T Plus is a pure sodium which is best suited to the flowering phase. The Greenpower has a longer lifespan. We are getting some reports that performance is not ideal when used with any digital ballasts, so for the time being we are not recommending that they are used together.

  • the philips green power lamps,do they use less power consumption?

    The Greenpower lamps use 600 watts, they need to be used in conjunction with a ballast.

  • Can I use a 400W bulb with a 600W ballast?

    We would stongly advise against this, as wither the bulb or ballast will fail.