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Organic Vegetable Booster Pack

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Organic Vegetable Booster Pack

Get more out of your naturally raised plants by using this Organic Vegetable Booster Pack!

A killer combo of three big-hitting Biobizz products promise to work wonders on your crop! Each additive has been included to improve specific parts of the plant:

  • Root Juice is a great all-rounder for roots, stimulating growth and preventing disease
  • Alg-A-Mic noticeably improves general health and vigour whilst also tackling stress
  • Bio-Heaven boosts yields by enabling your plants to consume everything they need
250ml Biobizz Root Juice250ml Biobizz Root Juice

1 X 250ml Biobizz Root Juice

  • Promotes root growth & health
  • Stimulates bacterial life in rootzone
  • Prevents root diseases, burning & overfeeding
500ml Biobizz Alg-A-Mic500ml Biobizz Alg-A-Mic

1 X Alg-A-Mic 500ml

  • Helps correct overfertilisation
  • Aids transplanting, training & pruning
  • Improves tolerance to extreme hot & cold temperatures
500ml Biobizz Bio-Heaven500ml Biobizz Bio-Heaven

1 X Bio-Heaven 500ml

  • Improves uptake of minerals & trace elements (from 20 -35% to as high as 95%!)
  • Boost plants' metabolisms
  • Accelerates flowering
Measuring cupMeasuring cup

2 X 30ml Measuring Cups

  • Clear plastic measuring cups
  • 30ml size

More Roots, More Fruits!

A fantastic 100% organic booster, Biobizz Root Juice promotes root development and root health, whilst also stimulating beneficial bacteria in the root zone – which all helps prevent root diseases, root burning and overfeeding. Designed for pre-soaking cubes and propagation, apply at a dilution rate of 2-4ml per Litre.

Address Their Stress!

Biobizz Alg-A-Mic is an incredibly powerful stress-reliever and growth promoter, packed full of hormones and chelated micronutrients. It'll help correct overfeeding, harden plants to temperature spikes (hot and cold) and reduce the stress of cutting, transplanting and pruning. Pleasingly 100% organic and suitable for root drenching and foliar feeding, apply at a dilution rate of 0.5-4ml per Litre.

Bigger Yields, Organically!

Yield-maximising Biobizz Bio-Heaven works its magic by improving nutrient uptake and translocation as well as your plant’s metabolism! This premium-grade organic stimulator contains L-Amino Acids (natural chelators), which enable everything good to be taken up – including less available mineral elements – for faster growth and much better end results! You can root drench and foliar feed with Bio-Heaven, in soil, coco and hydro, apply at a dilution rate of 2-4ml per Litre.

This kit also includes 2x 30mls cups for measuring out and administering feeds.

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