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OptiClimate 15000 Air-Cooled System

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SKU: 187694
Regular price £5,049.99

Get the perfect growing conditions for maximum yields - get an OptiClimate 15000 Split Air Conditioning System!

It'll cool, heat, filter, dehumidify and circulate air, without using water. This can be a great cost saver.

You can forget about pests, diseases and wasted CO2 - hardly any air is exchanged. All foul odours and mould are filtered out, too.

You can synchronise it with 24 x 600W lights or 35 x 400W lights AND CO2 equipment with a Dimlux Maxi Controller.

You can have different settings for night (lights off)and day (lights on) cycles.

To prevent bud rot and shock, plants are eased into day and night cycles.

To safeguard against overheating, this unit and any hooked up lights will automatically adapt and adjust (e.g. dimming, increased cooling, etc).

€¢ Manages rooms with up to 24 x 600W lights or 35 x 400W lights
€¢ All-in-one: cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air
€¢ Supplied with light sensor, humidistat, temperature probe and remote control
€¢ 1 x indoor and 1 x outdoor unit (can sit 15m apart)
€¢ Cool up to 2 rooms at a time (cools only)
€¢ Separate day (lights on) and night (lights off) cycles
€¢ Slow cools grow room - so plants aren't shocked
€¢ Pre-heats grow room - to stop bud rot (botrytis)
€¢ No overheating - the unit and any connected lights adapt to maintain optimum conditions
€¢ Mould and bad odours removal - integrated carbon filter
€¢ Low air extraction - reduces CO2 waste
€¢ Suitable for greenhouses
€¢ Efficient - doesn't use water
€¢ Runs on single phase household mains supply (3 phase variants available)

Your split system includes an outdoor unit and indoor unit. You can fit them up to 15 metres apart.

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