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Optic Foliar Switch

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SKU: 110850
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Prevent Hermaphrodites in Your Grow Room!

Switch is an incredibly versatile tool for your grow room, with one of its standout features being its ability to suppress male hormones and prevent the development of male flowers on female plants. Hermaphroditism can occur due to poor genetics, environmental stress, or overfeeding. Even a few male flowers can pollinate many plants, making their elimination crucial. Switch offers a cost-effective solution to this problem, potentially saving entire harvests.

  • Prevents male flowers - say goodbye to hermaphrodites once and for all!
  • Reduces the likelihood of plants getting seeded
  • Used neat - just add it straight to your sprayer and you're good to go
  • Gets the best results when used in conjunction with the excellent Optic Foliar Transport
  • Helps to kickstart plants into the flowering stages
  • Reduces stretching, making your indoor garden more efficient
  • Used in the commercial growing industry - proven to be highly effective

But hermaphrodite prevention isn't the only benefit of Switch. It also plays a significant role in transitioning plants from vegetative to flowering stages. After shifting to a twelve/twelve light cycle, you can expect to see a large number of dense flower clusters. More flowers early on mean greater potential for fruit development later. Applying Switch as a foliar treatment soon after the onset of flowering, and again ten days later, sets the stage for impressive harvests.

For optimal results, use Switch in conjunction with Transport, which enhances foliar feed absorption by delivering nutrients directly to the mesophyll layer. This allows you to spray plants with the lights on, making it easier to maintain your foliar feeding routine.

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