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Omega Cool Wing Reflector (6 Inch)

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SKU: 115069
Regular price £19.99
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Cool Tube Reflector

Looking for an affordable and versatile reflector? Look no further than the Omega Lighting Cool Wing Reflectors. These reflectors are perfect for users who want a low-cost option with various possibilities.

With the Omega Cool Wing Reflector, you can achieve maximum and uniform light coverage while avoiding unwanted hot spots. It is crafted from top-quality hammered dimpled aluminium, ensuring durability and efficient light distribution. Whether you have limited space or prefer flexibility, the Cool Wing is an excellent choice as it can be hung vertically or horizontally.

So, how does the Omega Cool Wing Reflector work? It incorporates a Cool Tube, which is a clear glass tube sealed airtight. This tube has a lamp-mounting bracket at its center. Its primary function is to effectively remove the hot air generated by HPS Lamps and Metal Halide Lamps from your grow room. By circulating cold air through the Cool Tube and extracting the hot air from the reflector, it prevents excessive heat buildup. One notable advantage of the Cool Tube is its ability to be mounted at a lower position, allowing plants to receive more light without suffering from scorching heat.

Why should you choose the Cool Wing Reflector? Well, apart from its efficient cooling capabilities, it also keeps your grow lamp and grow room cooler by facilitating the flow of cool air over the lamp. This feature helps to reduce heat buildup and maintain optimal conditions for your plants' growth.

Additionally, the Cool Wing Reflector comes with a convenient pre-wired 4-meter cable that has an IEC connector. This means you can easily plug it directly into your Lighting Ballast, saving you time and effort. Moreover, the Cool Wing Reflector boasts detachable wings, providing you with even more flexibility and customization options.

In summary, the Omega Lighting Cool Wing Reflectors are the perfect choice for users in search of an affordable and adaptable reflector. They offer maximum light coverage, avoid hot spots, and are made from high-quality materials. With the Cool Tube feature, you can efficiently manage heat in your grow room, while the detachable wings and pre-wired cable add to the convenience and versatility of this reflector.

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