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Odour Neutraliser Gel

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Odour Neutraliser Gel

Tackle unwanted odours with Odour Neutraliser Gel. These gel tubs utilise potent formulations designed to eliminate unwanted smells while leaving behind pleasant fragrances and helping to maintain consistently fresh-smelling environments.

  • Powerful, industrial-grade odour elimination
  • Keeps areas smelling clean and fresh
  • Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance
  • Extended release: each gel tub lasts for weeks, for continuous odour control
  • Available fragrances: bubblegum boom, cherry burst, linen fresh
  • Choice of sizes: 1 litre and 3 litre gel tubs
  • Easy to use: just remove the lid and set it down
  • Non toxic and pet friendly

Note that gel tubs are not to be used as a substitute for your extraction system and carbon filter set-up (which also replenishes CO2 and removes excess heat and moisture). Rather, these tubs make great supplementary odour control for use outside the grow space and during periods when unwanted smells are a particular issue.

Why Choose Odour Neutraliser Gel?

Simple: just place the tub in your chosen area and let the gel do the work. No complicated set-up required.

Potent formula: Odour Neutraliser Gel is highly concentrated, providing maximum odour neutralisation and ensuring that even the strongest smells are effectively eliminated.

Cost-effective: with long-lasting performance, this gel provides excellent value for money, reducing the need for frequent replacements. 

How to Use Odour Neutraliser Gel

Simply position one of these gel tubs in the desired area and remove the lid. To enhance its effectiveness, use a fan to circulate air over the tub. This will help to disperse the fragrance and odour neutralising compounds around the room. Note that this may accelerate the product's consumption rates. Alternatively, the product can be portioned out into separate containers to distribute the contents around the room without the need for a fan.

For optimal performance, screw the lid back on and shake periodically to ensure thorough mixing of the neutralising agent within the gel.

Safe for home or office environments, including households with pets.

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