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New Millenium Winter Frost

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New Millenium Winter Frost

Ramp up terpene & essential oil production in the last days of flowering with Winter Frost.

It restarts ripening after fruit and flowers have already reached their peak. A dose of this really maximises the genetic expression & potential of your plants.

  • Enhances essential oil, terpene & flavonoid production
  • Purple, red & burgundy colour shifts (winter effect)
  • NPK: 0.2 – 2.2 – 2.3
  • Dilution: 2 – 3ml/L

How It Works

It crashes your plants’ systems! This forces them to start bulking out fruit – ready for reproduction - and defend against frost. It’s a natural, winter effect anticipated by annual species of plants.

When you see swollen fruit pods, you know it’s working! There’s also a purple, red & burgundy colour shift, caused by the winter effect!

In the USA they’re mad for it.

How To Use

Use at 2-3ml/L the week before your final flush week (e.g. If you flush in week 8, use during week 7).

It's a standalone pre-flush. It won't clash with any of the nutrients you've used during your grow. It’s also suitable for all medias & growing methods (except Aquaponics!)


Do not use at any other point in your cycle.

In Soil / Coco

Use one week's worth for 5 - 7 days (watering at least every 3 days)

If watering every day: Use Winter Frost for 5 days, then flush with pure water for 10 days

If watering every 2 - 3 days: Use Winter Frost for 7 days, then flush with pure water for 7 days

In Hydro

Use for 2 days before beginning your flush.

Use conservatively to start as you can always be more aggressive in the future.

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