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nano.10⁻⁹ root+

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An enhanced root booster that completely redefines plant nutrition and the ingredients you can use together! nano.10⁻⁹ root⁺ includes a mix of plant stimulants to help establish a strong foundation for growth from the very beginning of a crop, with nano silica in particular serving to increase resistance against pests and disease. It is essentially a two-in-one product, which pleasingly steers clear of pH problems.

  • Establish strong roots and build a solid foundation for growth
  • Enhance your plants with numerous biostimulants and nutritional elements
  • Improve natural defences against pests and disease
  • Increase the rate of photosynthesis to drive plant development
  • Boost energy levels thanks to the phytohormones found in seaweed and micro-algae

Why are roots important?

Roots are hugely important to plants. They offer stability, a pathway for oxygen intake, a food source for beneficial microorganisms and a means of facilitating nutrient/water uptake. You’ll find that healthy roots result in stronger plants, and stronger plants lead to better quality fruits and heavier yields. Evidently then, it pays to really look after them!

What does root⁺ bring to the party?

nano.10⁻⁹ root⁺ builds a strong foundation for growth, providing roots with everything they need to prosper over their lifetime – right from the very beginning of a crop! This goes some way to ensuring that you’re able to establish the most effective environment for roots, which is essential for your plants.

The product contains various nutritional elements and biostimulants – instrumental tothe healthy development of plants. In particular, the cold-pressed seaweed and micro-algae offer up a large number of root-enhancing benefits, such as over one hundred macro, micro and trace elements.

What are the key elements onboard root⁺?

Nano.10⁻⁹ root⁺ features a powerful concoction of numerous biostimulants and nutrients.

Nano iron – used by plants to increase levels of photosynthesis, allowing your plants to convert more light into more energy. This element can be uptaken by plants without expending energy.

Nano silica – used to reinforce the roots and stems of your plants, resulting in extra protection against pests and disease as well as greater strength to support heavier yields.

Seaweed and micro-algae – contain phytohormones that plants use to regulate all of their internal processes, saving them energy once again by removing the need for these to be produced separately.

How do you use root⁺?

Use nano.10⁻⁹ root⁺ throughout the veg stage (18/12 light cycle) up to week 5 of flowering(12/12 light cycle), diluting at 1ml per Litre.

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