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nano.10⁻⁹ coco base+

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nano.10⁻⁹ coco base+

Supply your coco-grown plants with everything they need to progress successfully through the full lifecycle by using this excellent 2-part base feed from nano.10-9! It contains 14 of the 17 essential macro, micro and trace elements that are required during a crop, whilst the remaining 3 elements – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen – all come from the air and water. The notable inclusion of ground-breaking nanoparticle technology increases the availability of key nutrients and radically improves uptake! 

  • Builds a strong foundation for growth in coco
  • Supplies all of the key elements for powering plants through a crop
  • Features nano.10-9 patented nanoparticles to improve uptake
  • Gives important elements unrestricted access into and around plants
  • Lowers the risk of deficiencies and lockouts
  • Serves to boost defences against pests and disease
  • Delivers beneficial quantities of the amino acid Lysine
  • Provides pH stability, keeping drifts to a minimum
  • Performs exceptionally and pleases growers of all abilities
  • Offers nutrients in a clean and easy to use form

Why Use Coco Base⁺?

nano.10-9 coco base+ creates a solid platform for growth in coco setups – especially when used with additives from the nano.10-9 range! You get optimum nutrition levels and a pH-balanced environment to support superior plant cultivation.

The cutting-edge nanoparticles found inside both bottles are suspended in water rather than being dissolved, allowing elements to move into and around plants minus any unwanted interactions. This successfully aids nutrient uptake whilst also preventing a whole host of problems such as deficiencies, lockouts, blockages and pH fluctuations.

In coco base+ the amount of calcium salts have been lowered and a nano version introduced instead courtesy of the unique formulation process. As a result, interactions with other elements that calcium can sometimes negatively impact (i.e. regarding uptake) – like potassium, iron, magnesium, boron, zinc and phosphorous – are significantly reduced, giving plants more access to them to help boost health and strengthen defences against pests and disease.

Another nano element included in this fantastic feed is magnesium – a crucial component of chlorophyll production that makes leaves vibrant and green, aiding the conversion of sunlight into sugars (photosynthesis). Apply nano.10-9 root+ at the same time to add extra magnesium and iron in a nano form, which supercharges chlorophyll production, enabling plants to grow faster, develop bigger leaves and operate more efficiently.

Additionally, the amino chelation of the nanoparticles provides a beneficial source of the amino acid Lysine.

When growing in coco, you need a stable and consistent base nutrient. The nanoparticles in coco base+ ensure that pH drifts are reduced so your plants can uptake everything they need, at the exact moment it’s required.

What Are The Key Elements Onboard Coco Base⁺?

Nano Calcium – increases cell wall strength and improves natural protection against pests (such as spider mites) and disease.

Nano Iron – easily uptaken by plants without wasting energy, boosting the rate of photosynthesis and releasing more energy for growth and flowering.

Nano Silica – reinforce roots and stems, giving your plants the ability to support heavier yields whilst also offering even more protection against pests and disease.

Nano Magnesium – stimulates chlorophyll production, leading to better energy rates.

How do you use coco base⁺?

Refer to the feed schedule in “The Science” tab

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