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Maxibright Daylight UV and Far Red Supplementary Strips

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SKU: 10081
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Maxibright Daylight LED Supplementary Strips redefine performance standards by incorporating segments of the spectrum typically overlooked by conventional LED grow lights. These strips can be effortlessly suspended in a chosen area or seamlessly integrated between the bars of a Maxibright LED using the provided brackets. Available in various versions including UVA, UVA & UVB, or far-red models.


Integrating UVA light into your setup can yield remarkable enhancements in both quality and quantity. UVA light, naturally present in sunlight, occupies a spectrum region responsible for tanning effects due to its shorter wavelengths, surpassing visible light frequencies. Despite its potentially damaging effects on biological organisms, plants respond positively by boosting the production of RVR8 proteins, fortifying them against stress and enhancing essential oil production. Incorporating UV light not only increases harvest weight but also enriches flavours, aromas, and concentrations of active plant compounds, ultimately enhancing the final product.


Similar to the aforementioned model, this lighting strip also includes additional UVB light. UVB, with higher frequency than UVA, offers more potent effects and requires cautious use. Daylight UVA & UVB LED strips are ideal for improving plant quality while effectively suppressing bacteria and mildew spores in the grow room environment. Moreover, UVB promotes the development of compact, dense flowers, preventing excessive stretching and optimizing energy utilization for fruit production, thereby increasing yields significantly.


Utilizing far-red light throughout the light period can yield substantial benefits, thanks to the 'Emerson Effect' discovered by Emerson, which enhances photosynthesis rates when 700nm light is added to regular red light. Accelerated growth rates translate into larger and superior harvests. Additionally, employing short bursts of far-red light at the onset of the dark period can expedite the flowering process, reducing overall flowering time. This technique manipulates plant perception of dark periods, optimizing photosynthesis and productivity. While far-red light may induce slight stretching in some cases, Maxibright Daylight LEDs, rich in blue light, effectively counteract this effect when used with appropriate equipment.

  • Perfect for supplementary lighting - choose from UV, UVA & UVB, and far-red
  • Helps to get the very best performance from your Maxibright LED
  • Increases yields and boosts essential production
  • Improves overall plant health
  • Can be hung via hangers in an area of your choosing
  • Can also fit between the bars of your Maxibright LED using the supplied bracket

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