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Grow Gadgets Tube Grow Room Heaters

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Grow Gadgets Grow Room Tube Heaters

Effectively heat up your indoor grow tent, grow room, greenhouse or conservatory with a Grow Gadgets Tubular Grow Room Heater. Each model has a simple yet effective design and low power consumption, making one an essential purchase for any grower!

The 60W heater is 31cm long and the 180W is 91cm long.

  • Maintain your grow room temperature within the optimum range for plant growth (24-28oC)
  • Combat the colder conditions associated with indoor gardening during lights off / at night
  • Support and aid the growth of plants in cooler conservatories
  • Perfect for very small spaces

How To Use

  • Assemble the heater and mount it using the brackets provided and suitable fixings
  • Ensure a plug socket is located nearby
  • Only operate the heater once it has been securely mounted

  • Surfaces other than the one that the grow room heater is attached to should be a minimum distance of 30mm away

  • If attaching to a wall, screw in the two bottom halves of the mounting brackets so that they will hold either end of the heater
  • Also ensure that there's a minimum distance of 200mm between the heater and any shelving placed above it


Target Temperature

Your target temperature should be between 24oC and 28oC (during the day/lights on) and 2-5oC lower (during the night/lights off), depending on what you’re growing.

Temperature Control

The grow room heaters do not include a thermostat and should therefore be timer managed - regularly switch one on and off to establish the most suitable conditions. A little experimentation is required, remembering that you'll want to operate your unit for longer spells during the lights off period.

Heater Coverage

Coverage Area Range
60W GG Tubular Heater 60cm x 60cm to 75cm x 75cm
180W GG Tubular Heater 100cm x 100cm
1kW Oil-Filled Radiator 100cm x 100cm to 150cm x 150cm
2.5kW Oil-Filled Radiator 120cm x 240cm to 300cm x 300cm
2kW Gorilla Heater 120cm x 240cm to 300cm x 300cm

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Questions & Answers

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  • is the heater safe to leave on 24hrs a day 7 days a week when its cold??

    The Grow Room Heater is safe to leave on 24/7, but there is a very good chance that your room would get too hot. We would recommend running this unit with a 24 Hour Grasslin Timer, & use a min/max thermometer to monitor temperatures. You will then be able to fine tune the timings of the heater.

  • How many watts does this thing use and what area will it cover?

    The Grow Room Heater is rated at 80 Watts, & will heat a 1.2 x 1.2 metre tent.