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Grow Gadgets Propagation Heat Mats

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Heat Mats for Plant Propagation

The UK is famed for frustrating, unpredictable and often downright miserable weather, which can conspire to make the life of a gardener very tricky at times!

Young plants need a certain degree of warmth during the early stages of growth, when roots are only just beginning to form. Using a heat mat from the Grow Gadgets range will help to ensure that they enjoy the best possible start to life by establishing an ideal surface level temperature and an optimum root zone environment.

Whether you’ve got a grow room, greenhouse, shed or windowsill (with access to power), a heat mat should be high up on your hit list for propagation. Venture a step further and combine one with the recommended Grow Gadgets Heat Mat Thermostat to precisely manage the output and do everything possible to increase the success rate of germinating seeds and/or rooting cuttings!

Grow Gadgets Heat Mats are available in three different models: a 18W 254mm x 527mm mat, a 45W 508mm x 527mm mat and a 105W 1219mm x 527mm mat.

  • Provide young plants with much needed warmth during the early stages of growth
  • Establish and maintain the perfect temperature at root level
  • Improve the success rate for germinating seeds and rooting cuttings
  • Suitable for most setups: a grow room, greenhouse, shed or windowsill (with access to power)
  • Helps with starting off plants early indoors ready for the outdoor season
  • Place underneath a propagator, tray, saucer or pot to achieve the best results
  • Uniform heat distribution across the whole surface area
  • Robust yet flexible range of products with a waterproof design
  • Combine with the Grow Gadgets Heat Mat Thermostat to precisely manage temperatures
  • Conveniently roll up for quick and easy storage

Benefit every type of grower!

To state the obvious, every grower has to go through the process of starting off their plants. And ultimately, both indoor and outdoor gardeners want the same thing – to hit the ground running and establish a strong base for success in the future. You can improve your chances of acing propagation if you raise cuttings and seedlings inside, even those eventually heading to a garden, greenhouse or allotment. On top of this, there’s a further opportunity to weigh the odds in your favour by placing a Grow Gadgets Heat Mat underneath the propagator(s), tray(s), saucer(s) and/or pot(s) being utilised. It will distribute a gentle warmth uniformly across the whole surface area, so all plants receive the same benefits. The robust yet flexible design and waterproof nature of the product also provides protection against typical threats (e.g. rips and spillages) and suits many different growing environments. Finally, when not in action, you’re simply able to roll up the mat and store away until again required!

Why add the thermostat?

Control is key with temperature-related products. Take the reins and make sure your plants always receive the desired amount of warmth by hooking up a Grow Gadgets Heat Mat to the Grow Gadgets Heat Mat Thermostat. The latter device offers up a user-friendly interface and a digital display screen, precise and reliable controls (20-42oC), Celsius and Fahrenheit settings and compatibility with the full range of Grow Gadgets Heat Mats. A worthwhile addition for sure!

Guidance for use

Place your Grow Gadgets Heat Mat on a solid surface.

For warmer root zone temperatures, choose an insulated surface.

Avoid using a cold surface.

Plug it into a power outlet.

Sit your propagator(s)/tray(s)/saucer(s)/pot(s) on the heat mat.

Do not submerge in water.

Do not heat the mat if covered by growing media.

Do not put items on it that may cause a puncture.

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