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Grotek Monster Bloom

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SKU: 810112
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Grotek's Classic Bloom Enhancer

Monster Bloom is a globally recognized industry standard and a top-selling bloom enhancer for good reason. Packed with essential nutrients, it helps plants maximize their yield by providing a powerful boost from floral initiation to the development of the largest possible flowers and fruit. Begin application when buds start forming and continue with every fertilization during the blooming cycle. Discontinue use 1-2 weeks before harvest. Avoid using other PK products simultaneously with Monster Bloom to prevent nutrient burn.

How Grotek Monster Bloom Works

Monster Bloom delivers a precise ratio of nutrients that enhance plant growth by activating enzyme activity, accelerating protein and starch synthesis, and increasing stalk and stem strength. It also regulates respiration, boosting CO2 uptake. Added magnesium improves flower quality by rapidly metabolizing carbohydrates, while sulphur forms crucial enzymes and aids in the formation of plant proteins and vitamins, enhancing flavour and essential oils. The formula also includes vitamins to support plants during rapid development.

  • Helps ripen crops
  • Improves harvest yield
  • Accelerates protein and starch synthesis
  • Increases stalk and stem strength
  • Boosts the movement of sugars and starches within the plant
  • Regulates respiration and assists with CO2 uptake, resulting in larger flower clusters
  • Derived from Monopotassium Phosphate
  • Available in either 130g, 500g or 2.5kg

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