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Sylvania Grolux Lamps

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SKU: 87592
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600w Dual-Spectrum HPS Grow Lamp

Want incredible yields for a low cost? Then find out why the 600 watt Sylvania Grolux Lamp is our bestselling lamp. Other growers swear by them.

You can use them during flowering and vegging, - they’ve been colour adjusted. You’ll get a broad light spectrum with lots of orange, red and blue light.

You’re looking at an overall output of up to 90,000 lumens, with 150 lumens per Watt. Wait ‘til you see the results.

They’re great with a digital ballast - 600 watt Sylvania Grolux lamps work really well when used with a dimmer or 660w boost setting, maintaining very consistent colour even at different wattages.

Simply, they’re THE lamp of choice – our bestselling one for years.

Don’t believe us? Then believe other growers and read the reviews!

Bestselling lamp – customers love Grolux Lamps!
Broad spectrum, colour adjusted – red, orange & blue light
• Excellent for vegetative and flowering growth
Unique arc tube design for maximum PAR output (been patented)
• For use with magnetic or digital ballasts
Great value
Light maintenance of 95% after a year
• Up to 90,000 lumens output
150 lumens per watt
• Kelvin colour: 2050
Replace every 4 – 6 months

When to replace

To keep your yield consistent and high, replace your 600 watt Sylvania Grolux lamp every 4 – 6 months. Light loss is directly proportional to yield loss. Every 1% of light lost costs you 1% of your overall yield – that’s huge!

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Questions & Answers

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  • Will this bulb work OK being dimmed in a digital dimmable ballast?

    Hi, the 600W Grolux will work in a 600W dimmable ballast, & can be run on all dim/boost settings.

  • What fitting should I use the gro lux bulb with? Do you sell the lamp as well?

    The Grolux bulb is available separately, & as part of lighting systems. It uses an E40 lamp socket & must be used in conjunction with a ballast. We would strongly advise against running these lamps without as ballast.

  • What is the color temp on these lights?

    The colour temperature of a Grolux is 2050K.

  • hi please can you tell me the lumens output of the 250 Watt Sodium Grolux and will it work ok with the 250w Maxibright DigiLight ballast thank you for your help

    The 250 Watt Grolux will give out 37000 lumens, they will work well with the 250W digilight ballast.

  • Can this lamp be used with the lumatek "super lumens" switch?

    These lamps can be used with the Lumatek ballast, the super lumen swith will work with any HPS bulb, we would not recommend using the Super Lumen switch with a metal halide bulb.

  • Can I use a 600W bulb with a 400W ballast?

    We would stongly advise against this, as wither the bulb or ballast will fail.

  • Will this bulb fit your budget/hobby reflector ?

    The hobby reflector will fit any of our sodium or metal halide bulbs. You would need to fit an IEC plug with a 16 amp fuse if you want to use 1000 watt bulbs.