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Ripen is a superb late bloom feed that has the perfect nutrient formulation for the end of flowering/fruiting. Due to its unique composition, Ripen accelerates the final stage of flowering to provide a fantastic finish to your fruits and flowers before flushing.

It can also be used to speed up the flowering process for an early finish - which proves very useful if you're struggling from a mite infestation or pest problem. A complete replacement for your normal bloom nutrient, Ripen is a pure flowering feed which we highly recommend in all growing media.

Use at 4-5mls per Litre for 2 weeks maximum prior to desired harvesting date.

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi just wondering i notice you say this is a complete replacement for your nutrient feed. Does this mean you wouldn't use pk 13/14 either during your final week of feeding? Apologies if this is a silly question.

    You would use the General Hydroponics Ripen on it's own @ 4-5ml per litre for 1 week, then use a flush & plain water for the final week. You would not use Ripen in conjunction with PK13/14.

  • im two weeks from harvest in soil,if i use ripen on last 2weeks do i still use A+B and boost,also how much ripen do i put to 10ltr of water...ty

    Hi, Ripen is a complete replacement for you bloom feed & additives, you would use 40-50ml of ripen in 10 litres of water.

  • Do i have to measure cf when using ripen? If so whats best for it?

    You would use ripen as a complete replacement for all nutrients & boosters for the week before flushing. It is hard to provide a cF level without knowing the cF of your plain water before nutrients are added. I would advise adding Ripen to your tank at 4-5 ml per litre.

  • hi, you say not to ph when using in soil can i still use my A and B with this product and can i feed every day as i've been given different advise on the bottle it says feed every other feed so what would i use in between feeding. would i need to use my normal flower feed with A and B and ph the water ?

    General Hydroponics Ripen is designed to be used as a replacement for your bloom feed. If you use it every other watering, I would use plain water in between with no additives or pH adjustment.

  • should you adjust ph levels when using ripen?or when flushing

    You would pH adjust the Ripen unless you're growing in soil, we would not recommend any pH adjustments whilst flushing.

  • Can you use ripen in soil?

    Ripen can be used in soil, coco, & hydroponics, it is used as a complete replacement for your bloom feed in the last but one week before flushing.

  • If i was going to harvest on the 20th !!. On which day should i stop using ripen and carry on flush with water?

    You would use General Hydroponics Ripen for a week beforeyour final week . In your final week, you would use a flushing agent, such as Vita Link Flush for 2-3 days, then finish off with just water.