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Garden Carbon Filters

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Carbon Garden Filter

Revitalize your grow environment with the Carbon Garden Filter! Infused with CGV-4 activated carbon, it's engineered to swiftly absorb odours and keep them at bay, essential for cultivating a comfortable, clean, and discreet ventilation system.

Instant odour Elimination Employing a process called adsorption, activated carbon swiftly traps odours rather than letting them linger in the air. The Carbon Garden's microscopic pores create an irresistible trap for odorous molecules, preventing their return and swiftly neutralizing them.

Featuring a pre-filter that swiftly captures odour molecules upon contact, the Carbon Garden Filter not only eradicates existing odours but also intercepts new ones before they become noticeable.

CGV-4 Activated Carbon Harnessing the power of CGV-4 activated carbon pellets derived from coconut husk, this filter employs naturally sourced odour eliminators filled with minuscule micropores, each as small as 2 nanometres. The greater the porosity of these pellets, the more micropores are available on their surface, enhancing the filter's ability to neutralize odour particles.

Thanks to the high porosity of CGV-4 pellets, the Carbon Garden Filter maintains peak performance, effectively neutralizing odours upon contact for up to 12 months.

Creating a Comfortable, Fresh Environment No grower wants odours escaping their growing area, which can quickly become a concern, even in well-ventilated spaces, potentially leading to discomfort among neighbours. Installing the carbon filter between your fan and ducting ensures impurities are removed before they exit.

Where to Use Carbon Garden Filter? Lightweight and easy to install, the Carbon Garden Filter is suitable for any indoor growing space, including grow tents, greenhouses, and grow rooms, effectively eliminating unwanted plant odours. It's also handy for use in homes or workplaces for general odour and VOC removal.

How to Use Carbon Garden Filter? For optimal longevity, unwrap the Carbon Garden filter just before use. Attach it directly to a fan or use a short length of ducting to separate them. Hang the equipment at the top of your grow space, tent, or room using bungee straps or ties. Be mindful of excessive humidity, as it may diminish the filter's effectiveness

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