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G.A.S AirOzone Inline Ozone Generator

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G.A.S AirOzone Inline Ozone Generator

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Remove potent odours before air leaves your grow room with a G.A.S AirOzone.

It's an Ozone generator that sits in your ventilation system (Carbon Filter > Fast Clamp > Extractor Fan > Fast Clamp > G.A.S. AirOzone > 5m Ducting).

Ozone is produced on a low power, at humidities of up to 80% RH, corona plates are used. These plates can be replaced, and are known for their reliability.

Use it alongside a carbon filter as an extra layer of odour removal.

  • Sits inside your ventilation
  • Corona plates - minimum power, reliable, can be replaced
  • Use alongside carbon filter as an extra layer of defence
  • Supplied without a plug so must be wired in
  • 12-month warranty
  • Made in the EU to high safety standards

What's Ozone?

  • Oxygen we breathe = O2.
  • Ozone = O3 ...or O2 with an extra oxygen atom.

The thing about oxygen is it likes to exist in bonded pairs. So the extra oxygen molecule in Ozone is very unstable and is a strong oxidising agent.

It easily breaks off and binds with organic molecules (oxidises them). Doing this kills bacteria, eliminates mould and removes unwanted odours. The only byproduct is O2.

The G.A.S AirOzone uses corona discharge plates, which ionize the air around them, producing Ozone at high humidities of up to 80% RH.

The generators are made to EU safety standards, but make sure you still vent air to an outside location, and only generate Ozone when your fans are on.

The Tech

Tech Spec
150mm 200mm 250mm 315mm
Ozone Plates
1 2 3 5
Max Air Capacity (m3/H) 600 1200 1800 3000
Max power (W) 10 20 30 50
Ambient Temperatures (oC) - 20oC to +50oC
Max humidity 80% (Ozone production reduces with high humidity)

How To Use

Use it alongside your carbon filter as part of your extraction system.

Fit it to your fan's exhaust, using a Fast Clamp. Attach at least 5m of ducting to the other end of your AirOzone. Your extraction system should be fitted together like this:

Carbon Filter > Fast Clamp > Extractor Fan > Fast Clamp > G.A.S. AirOzone > 5m Ducting

  • When using Ozone, make sure air is ducted outdoors, not indoors.
  • Please use with metal ducting only (Ozone may damage other types of ducting - e.g. Phonic Trap and Airos)
  • AirOzone Generators do not come with a plug fitted. They must be wired up by a qualified electrician
  • Only generate Ozone when your extractor fan is running.

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