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Emerald Harvest Micro

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Delivers nine macro and micronutrients

This versatile fertilizer is a must-have for any garden. Micro focuses on the crucial but often overlooked aspects of plant health, delivering nine different macro- and micronutrients. When paired with its counterparts Grow and Bloom, it completes the trio by supplying all three primary nutrients.

Micro includes nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) from the essential NPK trio. Nitrogen is pivotal for building plant proteins, while potassium ensures optimal growth by aiding nutrient transportation, protein synthesis, and starch formation.

Three-Part Blend Micro collaborates with Emerald Harvest Grow and Bloom to enhance overall plant vigour. The formulas are adaptable, allowing growers to adjust feeding rates according to their plants' growth stages.

Micro earns its name from its rich array of micronutrients, essential elements needed in small quantities yet crucial for robust plant development.

This solution boasts the highest nitrogen content among the three nutrients, making it ideal for promoting lush leaf canopies and sustaining photosynthesis.

A Comprehensive Mix Micronutrients play a vital role in nourishing plants and supporting essential functions. Despite their small requirement, neglecting these seven crucial elements can significantly impact plant defence mechanisms and metabolic processes.

Due to their minimal dosage needs, regulating micronutrient intake can be challenging. Micro provides optimal levels of copper, molybdenum, iron, zinc, sodium, cobalt, manganese, and boron, along with the macronutrient calcium for robust cell wall structure.

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