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Dutch Pro - Original Bloom - Hydro/Coco A&B Hard Water

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Dutch Pro - Original Bloom - Hydro / Coco A&B Hard Water

Dutch Pro is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the leading nutrient choices in today's market. Growers worldwide are uncovering the secret of professional Dutch growers themselves. With 30 years of experience in producing top-notch plant nutrients, Dutch Pro is finally receiving the recognition it deserves beyond Holland. Dutch Pro Original Bloom Hydro/Coco A&B for Hard Water is a two-part nutrient specifically designed for use in the bloom/fruiting cycle of plants grown in hydroponic systems or coco media in hard water regions. Dutch Pro excels in producing plants of the highest quality and abundance, and their focus on investing in the nutrient composition rather than extravagant packaging makes them a great value-for-money option. It's no wonder that Dutch Pro is becoming increasingly popular!

How Dutch Pro - Original Bloom - Hydro/Coco A&B - Hard Water works:

Dutch Pro Original Bloom A&B is a two-part nutrient specially formulated for the bloom/fruiting cycle. The Hard Water version is optimized for use in areas with hard water conditions. Dutch Pro Original Bloom can be used with all types of hydroponic systems as well as systems utilizing coco media. It contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients that provide all the essential macro and micro nutrients required for abundant blooming/fruiting of the highest quality. Dutch Pro highly recommends the use of their Explode, Multi Total, and Keep It Clean products alongside this nutrient. Additionally, Dutch Pro produces its own pH down for Bloom product, which perfectly complements this nutrient line.

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