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Dutch Pro Multi Total

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Dutch Pro Multi Total

Experience the remarkable benefits of Dutch Pro Multi Total – a revolutionary treatment that goes beyond being a mere enzyme additive, providing unparalleled enhancement to root-zone health! This wonder product not only breaks down decaying roots into valuable nutrients that plants can utilize, but it also improves soil structure and water retention. Dutch Pro Multi Total actively fosters the growth of beneficial microbes in various growing media, whether it's soil, clay, coco, or any other medium you can imagine. As if these benefits weren't enough, Dutch Pro Multi Total further stimulates mineral and micronutrient uptake while boosting resistance against root rot and stress.

Dutch Pro is renowned for producing exceptionally high-quality and abundantly productive plants. Their focus on investing in the contents of their bottles rather than fancy packaging ensures outstanding value for money. It's no wonder that Dutch Pro is rapidly gaining popularity among growers worldwide!

How Multi Total Works

To achieve optimal results, apply Dutch Pro Multi Total during the initial watering or nutrient solution run after potting your plants. For hand-watered plants, it is recommended to apply it once every two weeks. In hydroponics, add it to the reservoir every other week during nutrient solution changes. Dutch Pro Multi Total features powerful enzymes that break down decaying roots into usable nutrients readily absorbed by plants. However, its benefits extend far beyond enzyme activity. It actively encourages and promotes the growth of beneficial microbes in the root-zone while improving plants' resilience against root rot and stress. When used in soil, Dutch Pro Multi Total enhances soil structure and water retention. Moreover, it stimulates increased uptake of minerals and micronutrients by plants grown in any substrate.

Dutch Pro Multi Total offers such comprehensive benefits that it's truly astonishing that any grower would neglect using it. Incorporate it into your Dutch Pro nutrient schedule and witness the astounding results firsthand!

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