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Dutch Pro Autoflower Grow - Soil A&B Soft Water

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Dutch Pro Autoflower Grow - Soil A&B Soft Water

Dutch Pro has rapidly gained popularity as one of the most sought-after nutrients in today's market. Growers worldwide have finally discovered the secret behind the success of professional Dutch growers. After three decades of crafting top-quality plant nutrients, Dutch Pro is finally receiving the recognition it deserves beyond the borders of Holland. The Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Soil A&B for Soft Water is a two-part nutrient specifically designed for all soil-grown auto flowering plants during their vegetative growth cycle in soft water areas. Dutch Pro is known for producing exceptionally fast and healthy plants, and their commitment to investing in the product itself rather than extravagant packaging makes them an excellent value-for-money choice. It's no wonder that Dutch Pro is gaining immense popularity! 

This nutrient is nearly unparalleled, as it caters specifically to the unique requirements of auto flowering plants, which are increasingly in demand. We are not aware of any other nutrient designed exclusively for this special plant type. If you want your auto flowering plants to achieve their full potential, you must give Dutch Pro Auto Flowering nutrient a try!

How Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Works

Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Soil A&B is a two-part nutrient formulated especially for the vegetative cycle. The Soft Water version is optimized for use in soft water areas. It perfectly complements auto flowering plants grown in soil. Auto flowering plants have distinct nutritional needs due to their short growing cycle. This means that to maximize your plants' potential, each day in the vegetative cycle must be fully utilized. Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Soil contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients that provide all the essential macro and micro nutrients for robust and healthy growth, leading up to a successful bloom phase.

Dutch Pro highly recommends using their Multi Total, Take Root, and Keep It Clean products in conjunction with this nutrient. Additionally, Dutch Pro offers their own pH down for Grow, which is based on nitric acid rather than the conventional phosphoric acid. This choice is specifically designed to enhance performance during the growth stages.

How to Use Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow

Start by filling your soil feed water container with water and add equal amounts of Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow for Soil Part A and Part B to achieve the desired strength. Mix thoroughly. Dutch Pro recommends a dosage of 2 to 3 ml per liter for both Part A and Part B. To ensure accurate measurement, use a syringe or beaker. It is also advisable to check the TDS (total dissolved solids) using a CF/EC/PPM meter like the Bluelab Truncheon. Adjust the solution as needed. Next, incorporate any desired additives and boosters, mixing them well. Adjust the pH of the solution to the recommended range (between 5.8 and 6.5) using pH up or down as necessary. A pH meter, such as the Horticare pH meter, can be helpful in accurately setting the pH. It is recommended to allow the soil to slightly dry out between waterings, avoiding complete dryness. When watering in soil, aim for 10-20% run-off each time to aid in flushing out naturally accumulating toxins.

Remember, both parts of a two-part nutrient should always be used together in equal amounts. Using only Part A or Part B, or using them in unequal proportions, will result in an imbalanced nutrient solution, likely leading to deficiencies in your plants.

Lastly, as with all nutrients, boosters, and additives, avoid mixing them together in concentrated form straight from the bottle. Instead, add each component to your reservoir or feed water individually, giving the solution a thorough stir before adding the next one.

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