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Dutch Pro Autoflower Grow - Hydro/Coco A&B Soft Water

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Dutch Pro Autoflower Grow - Hydro / Coco A&B Soft Water

Dutch Pro is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the most sought-after nutrients in today's market. Growers worldwide are finally uncovering the secret behind the success of professional Dutch growers. With a remarkable 30-year legacy of producing superior plant nutrients, Dutch Pro is now receiving the well-deserved acclaim beyond the borders of Holland. Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Hydro/Coco A&B for Soft Water is a specialized 2-part nutrient designed for all Auto Flowering plants cultivated in hydroponic systems or coco during their vegetative growth cycle in soft water areas. Dutch Pro is renowned for promoting fast and robust plant growth, and their focus on investing in the quality of the product rather than extravagant packaging makes them an excellent value for money. It's no wonder that Dutch Pro is becoming increasingly popular!

This nutrient is exceptionally unique as it is specifically tailored for Auto Flowering plants, which are enjoying a surge in popularity. To our knowledge, there are no other nutrients exclusively formulated for this special plant type. If you want your Auto Flowering plants to achieve their utmost potential, you must give Dutch Pro Auto Flowering nutrient a try! Now, let's explore how Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Hydro/Coco A&B for Soft Water works.

Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Hydro/Coco A&B is a 2-part nutrient specially developed for the vegetative cycle. The Soft Water version is optimized for use in soft water areas. This nutrient is precisely formulated to seamlessly support Auto Flowering plants cultivated in hydroponic systems and coco. Auto Flowering plants have distinct nutritional requirements due to their short growing cycle. This means that to maximize the potential of your plants, every day of their vegetative phase must be fully capitalized on. Dutch Pro Auto Flowering Grow Hydro/Coco contains a sophisticated blend of ingredients that provide all the essential macro and micro nutrients required for robust and healthy growth leading up to a successful bloom phase.

Dutch Pro particularly recommends the use of their Multi Total, Take Root, and Keep It Clean products with this nutrient. Additionally, Dutch Pro produces its own pH down solution for the Grow product, which is based on nitric acid instead of the usual phosphoric acid. This choice is made because nitric acid works more effectively during the growth stages.

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