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Clear Pot Saucer for Orchids

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Clear Pot Saucer for Orchids

The Clear Pot Saucer is specifically designed for orchids, perfectly complementing our Clear, Round Orchid Pot. It catches runoff during feeding while allowing ample light to reach the roots, a vital feature for healthy orchid growth.

Benefits of the Clear Pot Saucer

  • Efficient Runoff Management: Ideal for catching excess water during feeding, ensuring your orchids experience the necessary dry periods between thorough watering's. Always allow at least 10% runoff when feeding your orchid.
  • Enhanced Light Exposure: The saucer's translucent design lets light penetrate to the root system. Unlike most plants, many orchid species can photosynthesize through their roots, producing chlorophyll and developing a green hue.

How It Works

Our Clear Pot Saucers are designed to be used with our range of orchid-specific containers, which can be found here. The saucer catches runoff during feeding, a crucial step since orchids thrive on a cycle of thorough watering followed by dry periods. The clear material ensures that the roots receive adequate light, promoting healthy growth and photosynthesis, which is unique to many orchid species.


While orchids benefit from clear containers and saucers due to their ability to photosynthesize through their roots, most other plants do not share this capability. Ensure that clear containers and saucers are used only if they suit the specific needs of your plant species.

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