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Clear Orchid Pot

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Clear Orchid Pots – Get the Best From Your Orchids!

Mimic the natural grow conditions of epiphytic orchids with a clear plastic orchid pot.

These clear plastic pots are ideal for developing orchid roots. In nature, epiphytic orchids - like Phalaenopsis - grow on trees. This means their roots grow outside soil. Orchid roots are different to those of many other plants, as they can harness light-energy via the process of photosynthesis, driving growth and development.

Plastic orchid pots are clear, so filtered sunlight reaches roots, stimulating natural growing conditions and improving root health.

You can quickly check roots for problems, since the pot is clear.

There are plenty of drainage holes in each clear plastic pot, with plenty of larger holes, allowing the orchid to dry between each watering. To further improve aeration, both the 9cm & 15cm pot have a unique ‘air cone’.

Orchid Pots

  • Gets sunlight on roots - mimic nature for epiphytic orchids

  • Plenty of large drainage holes - to improve air circulation and drainage

  • Recommended by the International Phalaenopsis Alliance

  • Easy to check roots on your orchid plant

  • Suitable for most species and hybrids

  • Air cone for root aeration

  • A must-have for orchid growers - the best orchid pots out there

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