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CarboAir Inline Carbon Filters

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CarboAir Inline Carbon Filters

Struggling to fit your LED light into a grow room or tent that also houses a complete extraction system? No problem - CarboAir Inline Carbon Filters are actually designed to be mounted outside of the growing area.

Simply duct the air containing the odours you want to treat directly into one of these units and let it take care of the rest!

If space is really tight for you, these fantastic products provide an effective way to adjust your setup to quickly overcome restrictions. They're also great at silencing air noise from your fans and an integral part of any Ozone odour removal system.


How To Use

  • Connect power lead to the fan
  • Connect the fan to the carbon filter with a METU clamp. Make sure the fan is connected the right way round so that air is taken out of the grow space (the arrow on the case shows the direction of the airflow)
  • Cut your length of ducting and attach
  • Connect one piece to the free end of the fan using a duct clip
  • Attach the other end to the free end of your carbon filter using a duct clip
  • Position your filter
  • Hang it from your ceiling outside your tent, we also recommend using a carbon filter stand
  • Run ducting attached to filter through an air sock in your tent
  • Run the ducting attached to your fan out of your growing area (e.g. through a window)


We recommend

Position your filter near the ceiling of your grow room, as hot, stale air will rise.

Create intake holes near the base of your growing space so your plants get a constant flow of fresh air to your plants.

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