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Canna Bio-Boost 1 Litre

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Canna Bio-Boost 1 Litre

Bio-Boost is a fully organic booster that pushes to their limits during the bloom stages.
  • 250ml bottle
  • Organic bloom booster

Increasing crop quality and yield is the goal of almost every indoor gardener - high quality flowering boosters and additives are the quickest, most effective way to do so. Certified organic and derived from a wide range of naturally occurring flowering elements, Canna Bio-Boost is an active flowering stimulator that raises the metabolism of your plants - precisely what they need during fruit and flower production for increased flavours, tastes and yields.

Ideal for use with Canna Bio Nutrients and soils, Canna Bio-Boost can also be used to great effect with other organic nutrient packages and other organic growing media.

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Product Cutting/Seedling Vegetative Stage Flowering Stage
Canna Bio-Boost N/A N/A 2-4mls

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  • Can you use canna bio boost with coco A&B if so what week would you start using it.

    The Canna Bio Boost is best used in an organic soil grow. For coco, I would recommend either SHOGUN Sumo Boost, or Canna Boost Accelerator. You would use these products from week 3 of flowering, until the week before harvest.

  • Is this certified organic?

    The Canna Bio Boost is a certified organic product.

  • will this be ok to use with bat guano and top max

    The Canna Bio Boost will work well alongside the Topmax & Bat Guano, you should use the Bat Guano in week 1 of flower @ 2-4 scoops per pot, then TopMax from week 2 @ 2-4ml per litre, & Bio Boost from week 3 @ 2-4ml per litre.