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Buddhas Tree Organicus

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Buddhas Tree Organicus

How Organicus Works

Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is a single-part NPK fertilizer derived from organic sources, making it ideal for vegetarians or vegan growers seeking organic or veganic cultivation methods. The nitrogen in this formula is sourced from plant matter, while phosphorus is supplied by rock phosphate, commonly known as rock dust. Additionally, vinasse, a by-product of the sugar industry obtained during the refining of sugar cane or beet into refined white sugar, provides a rich source of potassium. 

The only non-certified component in Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is citric acid, accounting for the "99%" designation. Citric acid is used in small quantities to break down the rock phosphate into a form that plants can readily utilize. The harmonious blend of these high-quality raw materials creates a nutrient solution suitable for both the vegetative phase, promoting vigorous and lush green growth, and the flowering phase, when substantial blooms begin to form and mature.

Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% is compatible with various growing media and styles, making it an excellent choice for organic soil growers as well as those seeking the benefits of organic cultivation in coco-based or hydroponic systems.

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