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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst has been meticulously crafted to provide plants with the essential nutrients required for a seamless transition from the vegetative growth stage to the flowering stage. When used in conjunction with your base nutrient, Flower Burst stimulates the formation of robust flower clusters and enhances root strength, setting the stage for improved yields in the future.

How Flower Burst Works

Flower Burst is specifically formulated to cater to the critical transition phase between the growth (vegetative) and flowering stages. This phase is often overlooked, but experienced commercial growers understand its significance in paving the way for greater success. By incorporating Flower Burst into your regimen, you can expect accelerated adjustment to the bloom phase and enhanced development of flower clusters. These effects contribute to the production of larger and superior-quality fruits, while also reducing the time it takes to reach harvest.

The 0-10-8 formula of Flower Burst (10 parts phosphorus and 8 parts potassium per 100 parts of undiluted feed) complements your base nutrient. This precise ratio provides the plant with the additional phosphorus it requires to foster healthy root growth during the rapid expansion period that follows the switch to a 12/12 light cycle. Research demonstrates that increased calcium levels during the vegetative and early flowering stages contribute to the development of a more robust plant structure. Flower Burst contains boron, which aids in calcium absorption, making any calcium supplements used during these periods exponentially more effective.

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