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Athena Nutrients IPW

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Athena Nutrients - IPW

Athena IPW is a comprehensive formula for pest management that effectively eliminates a wide range of soft-bodied insects and addresses mildew issues upon contact. By following the provided instructions, Athena IPW deeply permeates the plant's leaf surfaces and crevices, effectively targeting and preventing the colonisation of unwanted biotic diseases. 

Key features of Athena IPW:

  1. Comprehensive management of powdery mildew: Athena IPW acts as a reliable control, killer, and cure for powdery mildew. It offers a holistic approach to effectively managing this common fungal issue.

  2. Excludes artificial pesticides and fungicides: Our formula does not contain any artificial pesticides or fungicides, ensuring a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to pest management.

  3. Sourced from inputs grown in the USA: The ingredients used in Athena IPM are derived from high-quality sources grown within the United States, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

  4. Applicable from seedling to harvest: Athena IPW can be safely used throughout the entire life cycle of your plants, from the early seedling stage to the final harvest. This versatility allows for continuous pest management and disease prevention.

  5. EPA 25(b) Exempt product with minimal risk ingredients: Athena IPM falls under the EPA 25(b) Exemption, signifying that it is a low-risk product with minimal environmental impact. You can confidently use it as part of your pest management strategy while minimising potential risks.

By utilizing Athena IPW, you can effectively combat pests and mildew, promoting healthier plant growth and safeguarding your crops throughout their development.

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