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Grow Gadgets 24 Hour Segment Timer

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24-Hour Timer — Great for Programming Lighting Patterns

Control on and off times for a great price - grab a 24 Hour Grow Gadgets Timer. They're amazing value!

It's a reliable, mechanical timer that lets you control on/off times in 30 minute segments.

  • 24 hour mechanical timer
  • 30 minute segments
  • Easy to use
  • Must be used with a contactor when used with grow lights

You can use it with pumps, heaters, lights - even intake & oscillating fans!

It's easy to use, reliable and built to last. Buy one of these and it won't let you down - just don't forget to use it with a contactor if buying for grow lights. No wonder it's rated 5 stars!

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  • 24 hour Grasslin Mechanical Timer. Is it normal for this timer to "drift" over time. I seem to be gaining about 2 minutes a week. By the end of a month things switch on/off 6-7 minutes early. Always early never late. FYI, its 4 years old. Doesn't seem to hurt my plant though. Just worried a failure is imminent.

    It is normal for these timers to drift by a couple of minutes a week as they get older.

  • Can the Grasslin timer be used to switch power on for 1 minute intervals every hour. This would be for use with an aeroponics system

    The Grasslin timer is divided into 15 minute segments, you would need a power on timer to go down to 1 minute intervals. If you are using an aeroponic system, I would advise having the pump run constantly.

  • I need more information please on the electronic version of the 24 Hour Grasslin Timers. How many segments in the 24hours and how long each segment??

    There are 96 segments on the 24 hour mechanical timer, each of which are 15 minute intervals. The digital timer can be set to 1 minute intervals. If you require more precise control, the IWS Power On timer is adjustable to one second.