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GrowMax Mega Grow 1000 RO Filter

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Mega Grow 1000 RO Filter Code: 2501
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Want to boost plants’ growth? Control their diet! Use a GrowMax RO filter!

Your filter will eliminate almost all water impurities!

You’ll get a more efficient nutrient feed and a more stable pH while enhancing nutrient uptake - harmful Chlorine is removed.

If you're growing in soil, healthy bacteria and microorganisms will thrive (again, no harmful chlorine).

Overall, you should get more developed plants, healthier fruits & stronger roots.

If you use a humidifier, your reflectors, carbon filters and bulbs will be better maintained and longer lasting - an RO filter prevents mineral deposits.

GrowMax RO filters are easy to set up – they’re ready to use straight out of the box. Buy one now – you won’t look back!

• Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters
Removes water contaminants
Removes 95% of salts and heavy metals
Eliminates 99% of chlorine and reduces sediments to 5 microns
• Help stabilize pH
• Makes nutrient feed more effective
Protects healthy soil bacteria – great for organic growers
• Encourages plant growth, healthier fruits & stronger roots
Protects reflectors, carbon filters & bulbs from mineral deposits
Easy to set up - ready to use out of the box
Connect it to a tap or pipework
• Includes: pressure gauges, flow restrictors and automatic shut off valves

Pure Water Production

POWER GROW 500 RO Unit – produces up to 500 litres of pure water a day (20 litres an hour)
MEGA GROW 1000 RO Unit – produces up to 1000 litres of pure water a day (40 litres an hour)
GROWMAX 3000 RO Unit – produces up to 3000 litres of pure water a day (125 litres an hour)

Do you Need a Booster Pump?

RO filters need a water pressure of at least 40 PSI.

Tap water pressure varies, so you may need a booster pump – it’ll raise your water pressure by 15 - 50 PSI, depending on your tap water quality

For best results, aim for 60 – 80 PSI.

We Recommend

1. If you use a humidifier, use an RO filter to protect your bulbs, reflectors and carbon filter.

2. Replace your carbon filter and sediment filter every 3 months - this'll prolong the life of the RO membrane in your filter

Yet to be convinced that you need an RO Filter? Take a look at our smart infographic!

Have you got hard water?

Look for limescale inside your kettle and at the end of your tap – it’s a sure sign of having hard water.

You can also use a CF meter:

• Hard water has a CF reading of 6 +
• Medium to moderately hard water has a CF reading of 4 - 5
• Soft water has a CF reading of 0 - 3

How do RO filters help your plants?

Unfiltered water contains a number of elements (such as chlorine, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) that can:

Hinder plant growth
Harm bacteria and microorganisms in your soil
Change your pH
Alter the concentration of your nutrient feed
Dirty, damage or clog up equipment in your grow room
• Suppress nutrient uptake
Hinder photosynthesis

With an RO filter, none of this happens. You’ll see:

• A more stable pH, encouraging bigger plants, healthier fruits & stronger roots
Maximum nutrient uptake
• A healthier soil mix
Better plant growth
• Uninhibited photosynthesis
Better performing grow room equipment

How do they affect your grow room equipment?

If using a humidifier with unfiltered water, over time mineral deposits build up on your grow room equipment.

Reflectors and bulbs
- Lose 10% of their reflectivity after 3 months

Carbon filters
- Become clogged
- Their fabric sleeves become dirtied
- This leads to poor extraction and limited odour control

How do Grow Max Reverse Osmosis filters work?

Your RO filter uses water pressure to reverse osmosis.

First, water passes through a pre-filter, which reduces sand, silt, dirt, rust particles, other sediments, and chlorine.

Next, water molecules are forced through a semi-permeable membrane at a high pressure. This filters out minerals and impurities, which cannot pass through the membrane.

Impurities are sent to the drain, with RO waste water.

Overall, your Grow Max RO filter will remove:

• Up to 95% of salts and heavy metals
• Up to 99% of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic contaminants

GrowMax MEGA GROW 1000 RO Unit

Produce up to 1000 litres/day*

Water conditions:

• Temperature 30ºC
• Pressure: Min. 3 kg Max. 6 kg
• Quality (500 tds or ppm)

*Other conditions can reduce the water production
*Replacement cartridges every 6 months

GrowMax MEGA GROW 1000

• Main unit
• Inlet tubing with garden
• Hose connector
• Sediment filter
• Green coconut carbon filter
• Reverse osmosis membrane
• Pressure gauge
• Outlet tubing
• Shut-off valve

GrowMax MEGA GROW 1000 

1. Push in the 3/8" white inlet tubing into the 3/8” fitting on the filter housing on the right side of the system.

2. Connect the 1/4” blue purified water tubing to the outlet of the Automatic Shut-off valve.

3. Connect the 1/4” black waste water tubing to the outlet of the flow restrictor.

4. You are now ready to connect the included garden hose adaptor to your source water on the other end of the 3/8” inlet tubing.

5. Upon initial start up of system, slowly turn the source water on until both the carbon and sediment filters have water in the housings.

6. Next, open source water up all the way (do not exceed 80 psi).

7. Flush the system for 15 minutes when the system is new and/or when you replace your membrane.

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