BioBizz Nutrients

BioBizz Nutrients

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BioBizz Grow - 1 Litre

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BioBizz Bloom - 1 Litre

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BioBizz Grow - 5 Litre

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BioBizz Bloom - 5 Litre

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These are the feeds favoured by many of the UK's most enthusiastic organic growers! With essential amino acids and 70+ trace elements supporting the traditional core of NPK, BioBizz Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom Nutrients promise to push your plants to the max so that they achieve excellent growth rates and a top flowering performance. Ultimately though, this enhanced mixture of ingredients means you will get to enjoy high quality fruits defined by a really sweet aroma and taste! 100% certified organic, BioBizz Nutrients work very effectively alongside other products from the same range - e.g. BioBizz All-Mix Soil. Whatever your preference, just remember to only use the feeds in soil systems.

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

BioBizz Bio-Grow - 1mls for Cuttings/Seedlings, 1-2mls for the Vegetative Stage & 1-2mls for the Flowering Stage

BioBizz Bio-Bloom - 2-4mls for the Flowering Stage

For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of these nutrients, check out our feed charts (see the "Downloads" tab).

BioBizz Bio-Grow NPK ratio: 4 - 3 - 6 / BioBizz Bio-Bloom NPK ratio: 2 - 7 - 4

Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

Can Biobizz nutrients be used in hydroponics? DWC?
We would not advise using Bio-Bizz or any other organic nutrient in a hydro or DWC system, as they are quite thick liquids, & can block the pumps & irrigation pipework. I’d go for the Vita Link Max nutrients for hydro or DWC systems.

Written by RF | 3 Jul 2013

can you use this in coco?
We would not advise using Bio-Bizz nutrients in coco. As Bio-Bizz is an organic nutrient, it needs to be broken down by microbes in the soil into a form that the plants can easily uptake. You can use any coco specific nutrient for coco systems.

Written by ryan | 6 Nov 2012

Can TOP MAX be used along with BIO BLOOM in flowering stage? is it going to increase My Yields??
You can use BioBizz Topmax in conjunction with Bio Bizz Bloom at 2-4 ml per litre. It is designed to increase flower & fruit production when used alongside your bloom nutrient. You can also use Canna Bio Boost at the same dosage to further increase flower & fruit production.

Written by dawid | 26 Oct 2011

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