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Canna PK 13-14

Canna PK 13-14

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Canna PK 13/14 - 250mls

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Canna PK 13/14 - 1 Litre

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Canna PK 13/14 - 5 Litre

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Canna PK 13/14 is a nutrient-based additive containing elevated levels of purest phosphorous and potassium to aid in the development of abundant floral growth. Add only once to your nutrient tank 3 weeks from harvest (typically in week 5) to get higher yields.

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Cutting/Seedling: N/A
Vegetative Stage: N/A
Flowering Stage: 1.5mls

For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of this product, view the feed charts in the 'Downloads' tab or give us a call on 0333 003 22 96.

NPK ratio: 0:13:14

Q & A

Questions and Answers (9)

Hi I was wondering do I use canna A & B and canna boost in conjunction with the pk 13-14 for the flowering weeks 5,6,7 or just the pk 13-14 on its own
You would use the Canna PK 13-14 in conjunction with the boost & your base nutrients. It is best to add the PK 13-14 & Boost to your solution first, then top up to your target strength with your base nutrients.

Written by Bill | 11 Aug 2014 i drop the coco canna A+B nutes while using PK13/14 and Calmag bloom Thanks
it’s generally a good idea to do this, we advise people to use additives such as PK first, then bring the solution up to your target strength with the base nutrients.

Written by MS | 11 Dec 2012

i am coming up to 5th week of flowering all is going well but not sure of best way to use canna pk 13/14 hear different things some say add only once some say add for 3 weeks some charts say keep feed strength at 30-35 mil per 10 litres while using pk 13/14 some say drop the feed strength to about 20, do not want to damage plants with overfeeding i am currently using around 30-35 mil canna aqua flores a and b with 40 ml boost 25 mil cannazym how much pk 13/14 should i use and for how long
We would advise using Canna PK 13/14 @ 5-15ml per 10 litre during weeks 5, 6, & 7 of flowering.

Written by terry | 22 Nov 2012