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RhizoOrigin Systems

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RhizoOrigin Large 4 Pot System Code: 4672
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RhizoOrigin Large 8 Pot System Code: 4673
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Stop hand watering! Make feeding easy and ramp up rooting with a RhizoOrigin System (used to be called a RhizoWilma).

  • Fuss Free - growing in pots without hand feeding
  • Unstoppable rooting - RhizoPots included
  • For any growing media (inc. soil, coco, clay, pebbles & rockwool)


What Is It?

It's an Origin System with 12L RhizoOrigin (bestselling fabric pots that air prune roots)!


Feed is dripped to plants at set times...excess feed drains back to your tank. 

Drainage is excellent (pots are fabric), AND you waste less feed – anything unuse is recirculated.



RhizoOrigin Large 4 Pot System

RhizoOrigin Large 8 Pot System


Easy To Use

It's like growing in pots without the hassle of handwatering!

Excellent Drainage

So you can forget about nutrient build ups.

Stronger, Denser Roots

Fabric 12L RhizoPots are included to air prune roots! Expect to get bigger, stronger roots with no root circling

Suits All Growing Media

That's soil, coco, clay pebbles, rockwool - the lot!

Handy Inspection Hatch

So you can check you nutrient level quickly

Drippers Included

Comes with 2 x drippers options: Fast flow (for clay pebbles) and 2L/pH drippers (for coco, soil or rockwool)

Uniform Growth

You can move and rotate pots individually for even light exposure.

Low Waste

It's a recirculating system - unused feed drains back to your tank


How To Use

RhizoWilma System DiagramRhizoWilma System Diagram

To regulate feeding times, you will need an irrigation timer. We recommend using the IWS Dripper Minute/Second Timer.

To keep your system sterile, use Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks! If you use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%.

Note: We don't recommend using drip systems with liquid silicon.

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