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Watch your plants thrive with our bestselling RhizoPots.

They dramatically boost root mass and eliminate root circling.

Your plants will develop a bigger, healthier, more efficient root network.

They’re reusable, they reduce growing time and prevent your plant from being pot bound.

Other pots just can’t compete - RhizoPots really are the best you can buy.

• Unique air pruning technology - pot fabric is ‘breathable’
• Greater root growth - stimulates growth of secondary roots
• Drastically increases nutrient & water uptake
• Eliminates root circling
 Speeds up growing time
 Superior drainage & aeration
• Pots can be reused 4 – 5 times
• 1 Litre – 78 Litre capacity
• Fold flat (easy to store!) with useful carry handles
 Reusable, biodegradable & made from recycled materials
• Suitable for all media types

We recommend:
Give cuttings and seedlings the perfect start with Propagation RhizoPots.

The pot fabric is far thinner, so roots can grow through the material – that’s when they plant’s ready to repot.

Simply keep your plant in its original RhizoPot when repotting, it’s easy.

• Far thinner material
• Plant roots can penetrate through the pot
• Uninterrupted plant growth
• Smoother repotting

Unsure about what size of RhizoPot to order? Hopefully this guide should help to explain your options!

Saucer Needed
  Round Saucer
1 - 2 Litre RhizoPot 18cm Round Saucer
 3.8 - 8L RhizoPot
26cm Round Saucer
12L - 16L RhizoPot 30cm Round Saucer
23L - 30L RhizoPot 40cm Round Saucer
39L - 56L RhizoPot 46cm Round Saucer


In standard pots…

Roots grow in one direction. When they hit a barrier (the edge of your pot), they change direction and start circling around the inside of your pot instead.

This is known as root circling, which limits root growth.

Worse yet, the roots are also clustered together around the edge of your pot, competing for the same nutrients.

This severely limits your overall plant growth and lowers water and nutrient absorption.

In RhizoPots…

When roots reach they edge of the ‘breathable’ fabric layer they become ‘air pruned’.

The root tip dries, and forward growth stops, stimulating the growth of secondary roots.

Your plant can then produce a bigger, healthier, more efficient root network, to prevent it being pot bound.

In short, the pots do 5 main things:

1. Prevent root circling
2. Stimulate production of secondary roots
3. Boost overall root mass
4. Allows roots to grow in wasted central space
5. Increase nutrient and water uptake

1. Open a RhizoPot and fill with growing media to just below the top

2. Make a hole in the middle of the media to accommodate a plant

3. Insert a plant into the hole (leaving on a Propagation RhizoPot if used)

4. Lightly fill around the top of the plant with growing media

5. Place the RhizoPot on a saucer and water as normal when required



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