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IWS Flood and Drain PRO 25mm Remote Systems

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Trap oxygen in the root zone and smash growth - it’s easy with 25mm IWS Flood & Drain System.

Plants are fed with a flood cycle.

To feed, plant pots are flooded with nutrients. When feeding ends, pots are quickly drained of feed. This locks oxygen in the rootzone, to drive nutrient uptake, fuel growth & prevent nasty root diseases.

  • Flood & Drain Growing System
  • 25mm pipes – faster flood & drain, super precise feeding
  • Handy remote timer (1 minute segments)
  • 10L Pots
  • Flexible, modular layout – position pots how you want
  • Easy management – pots are filled from 1 tank
  • Quiet – the pumps hardly ever on!
  • Save height: pots sit on the floor
  • Expandable up to 48 pots!
  • Low waste! Drained feed is stored for recirculation
  • Extreme oxygen – better roots, growth, nutrient uptake
  • Simple to set up and program

The 25mm pipes keep speed up the flood and drain process, for super accurate feeding. To make it even more precise, you get a 1-minute remote timer.

It’s easy to set and tweak your timer – remember, it’s remote. It’s not fixed to your system – you can keep it in a convenient spot (up to 2m from the control unit).    

Your layout’s really flexible position pots where you want – all pots are connected to a central feed tank individually or in groups.

Waste is low - drained feed is stored between floodsIt'll run quietly too, the pump's hardly ever on!


See It In Action

Top Tips

1. Choosing your media

Use clay pebbles – they hold lots of air, but hardly any nutrients. They’re perfect for flood and drain.


To flood less often, mix 20 – 40% of coco with 60 – 80% of clay pebbles. The mix will hold more water, so you can flood less often. You can mix this yourself, or buy it pre-mixed.

2. Keeping a sterile system

Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks!

If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%.

Layout Guides

6 Pot Minimum Area6 Pot Minimum Area
6 Pot Recommended Area6 Pot Recommended Area
12 Pot Minimum Area12 Pot Minimum Area
12 Pot Recommended Area12 Pot Recommended Area
18 Pot Minimum Area18 Pot Minimum Area
18 Pot Recommended Area18 Pot Recommended Area
24 Pot Minimum Area24 Pot Minimum Area
24 Pot Recommended Area24 Pot Recommended Area
36 Pot Minimum Area36 Pot Minimum Area
36 Pot Recommended Area36 Pot Recommended Area

How To Use

Assembling Your System

It’s easy to assemble your IWS Flood System. Watch this video to see how.

Prevent Root Blockages

Use the use the copper root control discs  and rotate the inner pot by 45° in the same direction, every 2-3 days. This keeps growth even and stops roots growing in the feed pipe and get even growth.

For best results, place RhizoPots on the inside each pot to prevent root blockages. Air can penetrate the fabric layer and prune roots so they don’t grow down your feed pipe.   

Choosing A Growing Media

Clay pebbles are perfect as they hold a lot of air but not much water.

Use them on their own – or mix 20 – 40% of coco with 60 – 80% of clay pebbles to flood less often. 

Choosing Your Nutrients

 Make sure you use a mineral feed - we recommend SHOGUN Hydro Nutrients.



Feed Time Guide for 60/40

  • Start: 2 x 15 minutes feeds per day
  • Veg: 3 x 15 minute feeds per day
  • Flowering: 4 - 5 x 15 minutes feeds per day

Feed Time Guide for pebbles:

  • Start: 2 x 15 minutes feeds per day
  • Veg: 3 - 4 x 15 minute feeds per day
  • Flowering: 4 - 6 x 15 minutes feeds per day



What’s Flood & Drain?

It’s an easy way of trapping lots of oxygen to your roots! Loads of growers swear by it.

Pots are filled with a growing media that doesn’t hold much water (like clay pebbled). Each pot’s connected to a feed tank individually or in groups.

When it’s time to feed, nutrient solution is pumped into pots (to 8cm below the rim of inner pots). When feeding ends, nutrient is drained away. This is known as a flood cycle.

With each flood:

• Stale air is pushed away from roots
• Fresh, oxygen rich air is locked the root zone
• Your media gets a hit of nutrient solution, which is slowly released to roots

 As a result, you boost root mass, nutrient uptake, plant growth and your overall yield while preventing most root diseases from taking hold.

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